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​Harley Stereo Installation Tech Video Series

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Harley Stereo Installation Tech Series

Learn how Harley stereo systems are planned, built, and tuned at the top level.

​We love both the challenges and the benefits of building concert level stereo systems for Harleys. Before I founded American Hard Bag in 2014 I had been in the car audio industry as an installer, manager, and salesman for 26 years. I was pretty much always at the top of my game for a very long time. I was an IASCA world finalist and an IASCA sound competition judge for many years, a top 1% level fabricator in the car audio world, and I had spent many years teaching others my trade. When my customers first brought me their Harley baggers for stereo systems I was faced with many of the same issues that the rest of the world had to deal with. See, at that time (2012) there were no good parts, no specialty Harley speakers, and no amps that were very well suited for the Harley application. What separated me from the rest of the world though was decades of experience manufacturing, technical design, and execution of complex mobile audio systems. I was so used to meeting insane challenges day to day, that the bikes didn’t intimidate me. For me it was just another challenge that need to be met. But this challenge had yet to be met on a large scale by anyone, and that spelled opportunity to me.

- Rob Gomez
Owner and Founder of American Hard Bag

​Harley Stereo Installation Is a Blast - I love it!

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