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“The importance of a good system (I’ve learned) is – being a musician, you have an ear for all of the little perfections and tones you want to hear – everything matters even on a motorcycle. So when I purchased this Bike (Stella), I knew I wanted to have a really good system on it.

I talked to Tim, at American Hard Bag, and he was instrumental in pointing everything out to me. I went through another guy before I met Tim, and it was just a mediocre sound system. (Cue: All the money that was spent when you don’t do it right the first time – never again.)

The advice I can give on a motorcycle sound system is do it right the first time. Don’t be cheap.”

Owner of “Stella” 2016 Rogue Light Ultra Harley-Davidson

Dayton (Tony) Calhoun  

"Thank you American Hard Bag for all your help. Finished the install of the new speakers and the DSR1 this weekend. I can not explain in words how clear the new sound is on my bike. Not only is it clear, but it hits harder too. I was very skeptical at first this would be any different than the kit I bought from RF. I appreciate you for taking the time to talk me through this and answering my questions. Just need pod speakers now. Have a great week will be talking to you soon about some other upgrades."


Call: 1(888) 311-0016

All products by American Hard Bag and are designed, developed, and manufactured in the U.S.A.

4121 Citrus Avenue  Suite 1

Rocklin, CA 95677

Here Are 5 Great Reasons To Buy From Us

Returns are easy, simply contact us for a return Authorization number and send your item to our returns center for fast processing. We'll get you a replacement or refund in a snap! You can find our refund policy here.

Ordering from American Hard Bag is 100% safe and secure so you can rest easy. Your personal details are never shared, sold or rented to anyone either.

Your part is guaranteed to fit. We test fit every part we sell on actual bikes in order to verify fitment on each model, generation, and in each possible location. You can be sure that if we have stated that a part fits your bike, that it will, or your money back. You will find model, year, and location fitment details on most product pages

We Thoroughly Test Every Part We Sell on a Real Bike. There are a lot of parts out there that we refuse to sell. If it’s not up to our high standards, it never makes it to this website. We have parts that fit various budgets and levels of insanity, but all parts we carry are exceptional performers.

Because We Are Fully Authorized Retailers for All Brands We Sell, Manufacturers Warranties Are 100% Valid. There are only a select few authorized online retailers for the brands that we sell. Most all online retailers (even the really big ones) are not authorized at all! And the manufacturer's warranty is void before you even get your items.

  • American Hard Bag was born in 2012 when Robert Gomez, who had been working in the car audio industry for decades, recognized a gap in the industry.

    “When I first discovered Harley baggers, I saw that there were a lot of problems and no part of the industry was working to solve those problems.”

    He quickly recognized part of the challenge was the constant evolution and modernization of Harleys. It’s no longer about who has the loudest exhaust, but rather who has the deepest base with the cleanest and loudest sound. He knew he needed to change the way speakers and amplifiers were being engineered and sold in this industry. Before American Hard Bag, manufacturers of speakers and amplifiers did not know how to engineer, market, or distribute their products in the Harley space much less educate and support their Harley customer base.

    “ We had to change the way that the manufacturers thought about their distribution and their advertising efforts. We had to convince them that we had a good enough idea about the direction of this market and that we could influence it so that they would allow us to retail and support their items the correct way. Now we can get any brand that we want, and have just about anything made the way we need, but it wasn't always that way. It was a real struggle.”

    With that, Robert created American Hard Bag. The company started by making an amplifier wire harness to put in the saddlebag - the only place where there was physical room to put them on the bikes. At the time, amplifiers were still larger and less efficient and created a lot of heat. Then American Hard Bag started making adapters to fit bigger and better speakers on the bikes. At the time, that was something no one was doing. Today, American Hard Bag manufacturers everything from wire harnesses and adapters to its own proprietary line of speakers, horns, woofers, amplifiers, and digital sound processors - specifically designed for Harley baggers.

    “It definitely became my passion to do it right and learn everything about the bikes, because it was a challenge that no one else was stepping up to. Our products are a direct result of our passion for what we do and years of development. As a company, we are not afraid of developing a new product even if that product never makes it to full production. We have found that the educational experience gained usually offsets the expense. As a result, our products tend to be refined and performance/detail-oriented. This is because we take the time to do our homework and our standards are high. ”

    This mindset is behind everything we do at American Hard Bag. We are a family-run business, producing products right here in the USA. Our promise to you is that we will always provide you the right system for your bike, without over-selling you and you will always be treated like a long-time family friend. Come experience the American Hard Bag difference and the sound of freedom.

  • At American Hard Bag, our mission goes beyond making the highest quality, most innovative products in our industry. We pride ourselves on educating our industry with knowledge, and passing this on to the consumer in the form of articles, how-to videos, and custom set-ups for every Harley bagger application.

    From the moment we recognized a challenge in the market that no one was addressing, we set ourselves to immersing ourselves in the world of Harley baggers. We actively work with manufacturers like Diamond, Musway and Infinity to create Harley-specific components and we have created our own line that outperforms and fits better than anything else out there. Our understanding of amplifiers with integrated processors has allowed us to reimagine and create a smaller form that is conducive to mounting in your bike, with less weight and heat production, and with all the right connectors and software. This sets our customers up for success and gives them all the tools they need to deal with any problem that the complexity of the audio system might present.

    We strive to produce innovative, industry-leading audio equipment specifically designed to fit Harley baggers so that you can hear the sound of freedom every time you ride!

  • We are pioneers and innovators - We are constantly learning and curious, ever evolving with and ahead of the industry.

    Lead the industry through education - The nature of this business requires us to educate the customers not only on what the products are and what they can do, but how we can best serve them.

    Performance / Quality - We offer only the highest quality, most reliable products for Harley applications, and create superior products of our own. We offer guaranteed fitment on Harley Touring models and stand behind the products we offer 100%.

    Service - At American Hard Bag, customers are treated as family. They feel heard and know we have their back.

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