Pro Tune is an audio tool kit that dramatically simplifies and speeds up the tuning process of Harley audio systems. It works by providing you with a visual display of what your audio system is doing in real time. The kit comes with a calibrated microphone that plugs into your smartphone and uses the processor and display of your phone to form a very powerful tool.


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Only Available With Velocity Kits and Only Available at 

Pro Tune is not available for purchase by itself. Pro Tune is only available with speaker kits from Velocity Speaker Design. This is our way of making sure that our customers all get the very best experience from their Velocity speaker kits.

What’s Included With a Pro Tune Kit?

  • A test microphone with calibration file
  • A USB drive that is loaded with a test track for the microphone
  • Instructional tutorials
  • A microphone selfie stick adapter to hold the microphone in the correct position

What can be tested with the Pro Tune Kit?

  • Real time speaker frequency response so that you can quickly make the perfect equalizer adjustments
  • Check phase differences between all speakers in your sound system. This is a huge deal that almost everyone gets wrong! Tutorial included with kit.
See all Pro Tune Kits Here