The hole punched in these grills is over sized so that the trim ring that Hertz supplies with the MPK165.3 speaker set can be used. This way the tweeter can sit recessed in the grill for a cleaner look.

The Hertz speaker kit comes with a plastic retaining ring with two mounting tabs. This ring should be used on the backside of the tweeter and be glued in place with just two small drops of super glue. Be careful not to use too much glue. You want the tweeter to still be serviceable and you do not want the glue to drip to the front side. Orient the retaining ring so that the two tabs are vertical. You can use the lower tab to secure the tweeter wire in place. The tweeter wire should be routed down and between the grill and the woofer. When the speaker pods are in place there is a 1⁄4” gap between the woofer and the grill. In the pic below the tweeter wire was secured using a short section of heat shrink.

The crossovers that come with the MPK165.3 speakers are too large to fit in the fairing of a street glide unless you remove the plastic enclosures and then heat shrink the crossover to protect it. When doing this the connections need to be made before heat shrinking the crossover. We offer this service for a fee when new speakers are purchased from us. You can find that service on our website under installation parts.

One of the crossovers can be located behind the voltage gauge and the second can be located either next to the glovebox below the voltage gauge or it can be located on the other side of the radio behind the fuel gauge. In the pic you can see that one set of wires goes to the speaker pods in the fairing for the mid woofer, the second set of wires goes to the tweeter, and the third set of wires goes to the amplifier.

Active Crossover Option
If you have four amplifier channels to dedicate to just the front speakers and a sound processor (like a DSR1), you can ditch the passive crossovers entirely. This is ultimately the best way to drive these speakers. There are many benefits to a fully active sound system.