Aggressor Pro 880 & 692 Installation Guide

This installation article covers both the Aggressor 692 (twin 6x9) as well as the Aggressor Pro 880.


Your Aggressor Pro 880 kit will come with several parts. The Aggressor kit is sold as a two woofer kit for a single bag. Most users will purchase a twin (left & right) kit for a total of 4 woofers. For the sake of simplicity, this guide will describe the installation of just one kit for one bag. The part count below refers to parts included in just one kit. Some of these parts are installation related and are not part of the end product. These parts are included in your kit to make installation easier. 

Included in the Kit:

  • Stainless steel woofer mounting hardware. 8 - stainless mounting bolts, 8 - Stainless washers.
  • Polyethylene Woofer mount
  • Stainless hardware to fasten the woofer mount to your bag. 6 - stainless machine screws, 6 stainless washers with rubber pads. Two of these machine screws will be packaged separately with hollow spacers and are labeled "Upper Front Mount Screw" and "Lower Front Mount Screw". Keep these two special fastener assemblies in their bags until it is time to use them. They are different in size and must be used in the proper location.  
  • 2 steel powder coated speaker grills (one front grill & one rear grill).
  • 1 role of self adhesive foam rubber strip, used to add additional gasket around each speaker grill.

Installation Related Parts Included in Your Kit That Are Not Part of the End Product:

  • Special extra long router bit used only for front grill opening.
  • 2 MDF router templates. One large template with two grill holes and one smaller template with only one grill hole (only used for front grill hole).
  • Router template mounting hardware.
  • MDF alignment block with adhesive tape applied to two sides.   

Step 1

Remove the bag from the bike and remove lid and all hardware.

Tape up the bag with a quality delicate surface specialty tape (3M Edgelock works best) to protect the painted surfaces of your bags. 

 Tape up the bag to protect the paint


Positioning the Mount in the Bag

Lay the bag down on a flat surface with the hinge side facing up. Tip: Tape the inside of the bag with a bright colored masking tape. 3M makes a nice yellow tape that can be found at any auto body paint store.

Tape the inside of the bag

Step 2

Vertical Alignment

When determining the vertical alignment of the woofer mount in the bag it is critical that you take into account clearance for the woofer at the bottom of the bag, as well as the mount. To do this, temporarily bolt the woofer to the mount and place the entire assembly in the bag. Note how far down the assembly will go in the bag before either the woofer frame touches the half round extrusion at the bottom of the bag (see pic below) or the woofer mount touches the bottom of the bag. It is a good idea to allow a couple off millimeters of space between the woofer frame and the bag and the woofer mount and the bottom of the bag. By placing a small amount of the gasket that is supplied in your kit onto the frame of the speaker where it will touch the extrusion at the bottom of the bag, the assembly will be spaced just a little off of the extrusion. Also note that the bottom corner of the bag has a radius between the vertical wall and the bag bottom. You do not want the woofer mount bottom to be on this radius as it will not allow the mount to sit flat.

Bag Bottom

Note for Diamond Audio HXM Speakers 

Diamond Audio HXM speakers require that you use a spacer in front of the speaker so that it sits flat on the mount. The black speaker plastic ring that comes with the speaker is perfect for this. Make sure that you take this into account when determining the vertical location of the woofer mount. Put this spacer ring on the speaker before bolting the speaker to the mount. Additionally you will need to gasket between the speaker and the ring as well as between the spacer and the woofer mount so that it is airtight. Gasket material is included in your kit. The gasket material will make the speaker/mount assembly thicker. So be sure to gasket the speaker before you put the assembly in the bag to mark its position.

Horizontal Alignment 

When determining horizontal (front to back) placement of the woofer mount you want the half round notch at the top rear of the woofer mount to be centered on the rear bag fastener hole as pictured below.

Align the woofer mount from side to side in the bag so that the forward grill opening is centered on the rear shock extrusion inside the bag. Be sure that the mount is square to the bag and not rotated. If the mount is rotated so that the front speaker position is higher or lower in the bag, the forward grill opening may not line up correctly with the shock extrusion in the bag. 

Rear Fastener Point

Prototype mount shown above may be slightly different than your mount.

Once you have the woofer mount aligned from top to bottom and from side to side, mark its position with a Sharpie so that you can put it back into position if it gets bumped.

Very Important! 

 At this point it is a good idea to place the woofers onto the mount and test fit your lids (with speakers in the lids if you have them). Make sure that you don't have any clearance issues with any of your other equipment including lid hardware. Do this before you commit to drilling holes into your bags. Once you cut the grill holes, there is no going back. Measure twice and cut once.  

Mark Mounting Holes with Drill But

Now that you have the woofer mount positioned correctly you can mark all six through bolt holes (not the speaker mounting holes) with a 1/8" drill bit by hand. This will leave a visible mark in the tape. 

Update: We are migrating to a new mounting screw arrangement as of 11/26/18. There are now 8 mounting screws used to fasten the woofer mount to the bag. See pic below. 

Through Bolts

Be sure not to drill through the speaker holes. These holes are only to fasten the speakers to the mount. See pic below.

Speaker Bolts

Be sure to keep your drill bit at a 90 degree angle. Especially when marking the two forward holes.

Keep the drill bit at perfect 90 degree angle. 

Once all six of the mounting holes have been marked, remove the woofer mount and drill the holes out with an angle adapter and a 3/16" hex shaft drill bit. You can find quality angle adapters at your local hardware store for about $20. 

Marked Hole Position   Angle adapter

Bolt in the Router Templates

 It is now time to bolt in the two MDF router templates. The larger of these two templates will bolt to the outside of your bag and the smaller one will bolt to the inside of the bag. 

On the larger template with two grill holes in it, the countersunk side of the template should point outwards. The diamond shaped grill hole is the rear of the template. The smaller inside template can be used for left or right. 

Router Templates 1

Router Templates 2

Use the three 3" long template bolts and corresponding nuts supplied in your kit to fasten the large template to the outside and the small template to the inside of the bag. These three front holes will lineup with the holes that you drilled into the bag earlier. Screw heads should be on the outside of the bag and the nuts should be on the inside. 

Kits manufactured after 11/26/18 will have 4 holes. Two above the front grill and two below the front grill. 

Front template holes

Use the three shorter template screws to fasten the rear of the larger template to the bag.

The new kits as of 11/26/18 have four screws to fasten the rear of the large template to the bag. These will be the only four holes left over after the front four template screws are in place. 

Rear template screws

 Cutting the grill holes

Drill a 1/2" hole near the corner of each grill hole for your jigsaw blade. 

Drill hole

Cut out the grill holes with a jigsaw leaving 1/8" - 1/4" of material all of the way around. 

Use jigsaw Leave about 1/8"

Once both holes are cut out both holes need to be trimmed with a router. 

About Trimming the Front Grill Hole

Two different router bits are needed to cut the grill holes. Only one of these bits is included in your kit.

Your kit comes with an extra long flush trim router bit that is used for trimming the front hole only. We supply this bit because it is not one that you can find at your local hardware store. This bit is a full inch longer than any common flush trim router bit that has a 1/4" shaft. The bearing on this bit is opposite of the shaft. The bearing of this bit will ride along the hole in the smaller inside router template.

Trim Front Grill Hole

About Trimming the Rear Grill Hole

Standard Router Bit

To trim the rear grill hole, use a standard pattern router bit (not included in the kit) that has the bearing mounted on the shaft side of the bit. The bearing of this bit will ride along the diamond shaped opening in the outside template.



Do not use the supplied extra long router bit supplied in the kit for the rear hole. the bearing in this router bit is on the wrong side. This could result in severe injury. 

Fishing It Up

Now that the holes have been cut, use the supplied double sided grill tape to bond the grills into the bag from the inside. The grill tape is only used to temporarily hold the grills in place but don't under estimate the strength of this tape. Make sure that you get the grill positioned correctly the first time. It might not be so easy to get it back off if you get it wrong.

Picture below shows installation of the rear speaker grill. 

Putting the grills in place  

 Your kit comes with a sheet of neoprene foam rubber. Cut this sheet into wide strips and use to form a gasket between the woofer mount and the bag. Use the supplied 3/8" gasket tape to add an extra layer around the grill holes. Be sure not to cover over any of the bolt holes. 

Put the woofer mount into place and evenly tighten all six mounting bolts. The two front mounting bolts are different lengths. Make sure to use the correct length screws in the forward position or damage to your speaker may occur. When securing the front two bolts, make sure that an air tight seal is formed around the front grill hole. The surface around the front grill hole is not perfectly flat. Don't over tighten the mount bolts. This will distort the shape of the mount and cause the front speaker to not seat correctly. Hand tighten all six mounting bolts until they are just snug. Then put the woofers in place and hand tighten all 8 woofer mounting bolts. Now go back to the 6 bolts outside bolts and re-tighten them.

Front Mount Hardware Update

Update to the update! as of 11/26/18 there are no aluminum spacers for the front of the kit. We have replaced the two front fasteners with four screws that do not require the spacers. 

Front mounting Points

As of March of 2017 we have updated the hardware supplied with the two front mounting points. Two different length screws and two different length aluminum spacers are now supplied with each kit. The long spacer and the long screw are for the top front mount point. Aggressor 692 kits (dual 6x9) do not use two different length screws here. Both front mount screws are 1.5". The short aluminum spacer and the shorter length screw are for the bottom front mount point. Use the supplied rubber backed washer on the outside of the bag for each screw so that the paint is not marred.

Diamond HXM8 Speakers

If your kit came with diamond speakers, be sure to use the black spacer rings that came with you speakers. Gasket both between the speaker and the spacer, as well as between the spacer and the speaker mount kit. 

HXM8 Thin Spacers

HXM8 Thin Spacer

Thinner spacers made specially for the Diamond Audio HXM8 speakers are now available. These new spacers allow the speaker to sit a 1/2" closer to the woofer mount. This allows clearance at the bottom of the bag so that the possibility of the speaker frame coming into contact with the channel at the bottom of the bag is no longer a concern. This also makes it easier to get a half helmet inside the bag with the lid closed. 


HXM8 speakers come with RGB LED lights built into the speaker. As cool as these are, they do not work with the Aggressor Pro 80 or 880 woofer mounting system. You simply can not see them through the grill. You may choose to snip off the LED wires so that your installation is cleaner. If you do, be sure not to cut the RED, Green, Blue, Black wires that run from the speaker magnet to the speaker input terminals. This wire loop is required for the speaker to operate. Cutting this wire loop will void the manufacturer's warranty and render the speaker inoperable.


Cut here:

Cut Here

Do Not Cut Here:

Do Not Cut Here

Or Here:

Or Here

Horn Tweeters

If your kit came with bullet tweeters, they can be mounted either in the side of the bag pointing into the wheel along with the woofers, or they can be mounted in a number of other places on the bike such as the gauge holes in the fairing. 

That's it!

If you have any questions or comments about this installation guide, please contact us. 

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