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Victory Cross Country Pro Audio Fairing Speaker Kit


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Add the Loudest Speaker Package on the Planet to Your Victory Cross Country.

This kit crams a Hertz ST25 compression horn tweeter in front of a Hetrz SV165.1 6.5" pro audio mid and it all fits in the factory speaker position under the factory speaker grill! This is an insane amount of speaker power. 


No modifications required. This kit bolts right into the factory location. All hardware is included in the kit.

Made in America

All plastic parts are made in America and American made fasteners are used throughout. 

Speakers Included 

This kit comes with a pair of Hertz SV165.1 mid woofers and a pair of Hertz ST25 compression horn tweeters. No bulky crossover needed. The kit comes with high power capacitors for the horn tweeters.