Velocity 8 Factory Radio T Harness SKU: VWH-RADIO-T



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This simple harness eliminates the need to use amplifier bypass plugs throughout the bike. Additionally this harness also eliminates the need to run audio signal lines to the rear of Ultra model bikes. This is all accomplished by intercepting the factory radio’s audio output directly at the radio instead of at the factory amplifier harness or at the speaker locations.


All 2014 and Later

  • Road Glide
  • Street Glide
  • Ultra - Ultra Limited
  • CVO
  • All Bikes Equipped With Factory Rockford Fosgate Systems

Radio Flash Required

A radio flash is required when using this harness in order to enable the radio's rear audio channels.


  • 5 Year Limited


Water Proof

Extreme Level Performance

Road Glide

Street Glide

Directly Plug & Play with Velocity 8

This harness is primarily designed to be used with our Velocity 8 DSP solution. It is a very simple way to quickly make all of your radio interface connections in one shot.

Perfect for Factory Rockford Fosgate Systems

This harness is the perfect solution for the new factory Harley Rockford Fosgate systems. This harness gives you rear audio channels that are otherwise totally unavailable on those systems.

When It Is Not Needed

This harness is not needed on bikes that did not originally come with any factory amplifiers and are not Ultra models that came with tour pack speakers.

What's Included

Radio T Harness

What's Not Included

  • Speaker Output Connections
    This harness is designed to be used in conjunction with aftermarket speaker harnesses that run from aftermarket amplifiers out to each speaker location.
  • RCA Connections
    This harness is not designed for RCA based interconnect. It is specifically designed for use with superior high level factory Molex type audio connections.