Velocity 8 Advanced Harley DSP, Amplifier, & Analyzer System SKU: Velocity 8 Short Block



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Designed for Fully Active Speaker Systems

The Velocity 8 can be used in any traditional speaker configuration but is geared towards fully active speaker systems where each speaker (including tweeters) have a dedicated amplifier channel with independent gain and EQ. The passive crossovers are not used in active systems, so there are fewer items to cram into the fairing, and one less item to rob power from your speakers.

Product Description

The Velocity 8 Is the Perfect Solution for Anyone Who Needs Perfection

The key difference between the Velocity 8 and all other DSP units is that the Velocity 8 allows anyone to perform a tested and verified tune instead of just a theoretical tune. A standard DSP allows you to input your settings which are all just best guesses and based in theory. Even for a professional. The Velocity 8 is so well equipped with integrated test equipment that your tune ends up very precise and always verified down to the finest detail.

The Velocity 8 is the most advanced and premium digital sound processor for Harley applications ever made. The Velocity 8 combines all of the best DSP features with an entire suite of professional audio testing and tuning tools. The Velocity 8 also has an integrated 4 channel amplifier specifically for fully active sound systems. Now you no longer need to cram a secondary amplifier in the fairing for your tweeters to be on their own channels. This unit has a spectacular sounding amplifier built right in.


All 2014 and later Harley touring bikes of all trims including

  • 2014 - current Street Glide, Electra Glide, and Ultra models
  • 2015 - current Road Glide
  • Road Kings and pre 2014 bikes require specific custom wire harnesses which are available on request. Call us at 1(888) 311-0016 to order.
  • Compatible with aftermarket radios using speaker level inputs. Not compatible with RCA type input. 

A Whole New Kind of Plug and Play

100% plug and play with your 2014 or later Factory radio right out of the box. We made power, accessory, and audio signal input connections all baby simple. And factory amplified bikes do not require a zillion bypass harnesses like other plug and play systems. Factory amplified and Ultra bikes only require one single additional harness, and that single harness works for all factory trims and options from non-amplified Ultra models to fully loaded CVO with multiple factory amplifiers. Even the new factory Rockford systems.

Available Plug and Play Speaker Wire Harnesses With Two Channels per Location for Fully Active Speaker Systems

Get the wire harness combination that is best for your specific system. The following wire harnesses are optional and sold separately. These wire harnesses make installation quick, easy, clean, and consistent.

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The Following Optional Harnesses Make Installation Clean Snd Simple

Power Connection

When purchased with one of our Velocity power amplifier power kits with power tap the DSP power will simply plug into the amplifiers included power service connection. So there is no need to run a dedicated power line to the battery at all. 

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You can find the Velocity power amplifier kit here


2 Year Limited


Extreme Level Performance

Road Glide

Street Glide

3 Critical Units In One Box

Full System Analyzer - Processor - Amplifier

  • 9 Channel Digital Sound Processor
  • Advanced Full System On-Screen Diagnostics & Tools
  • Premium 4 Channel Amplifier
  • Harley Radio Plug and Play
  • Small - Easily Fits any Fairing
  • Pre-configured for Harley and Advanced Speaker Systems Right Out of the Box
  • Live Tune Enabled! Let us run you through the entire DSP and all of it's amazing abilities. Save yourself lots of time and get the most out of your DSP
  • Best Software of Any DSP Ever
  • Radio Input EQ (4 channels)
  • 9 Self Tuning EQ Output Channels
  • Automated (self adjusting) Time Alignment/Speaker Phase
  • Calibrated Tuning Microphone (optional)
  • Manual & Auto RTA Built In (optional microphone required)
  • Real Time Voltage Monitor Built In (on-screen)
  • Real Time Temperature Monitor Built In
  • Separate Input and Output Signal Clipping Monitors Built In (distortion detector)
  • Works With All Models and Trim Levels of Road Glide, Street Glide, Electra Glide, and Ultra Models Including Screamin’ Eagle, CVO, and Even the New Factory Rockford Fosgate Systems.

Free Radio Flash Loaner Tool

Flash Your Bike Yourself and Be Sure That the Job Is Done Right

Our flash tool rental kit ships with all of the parts required to flash any Harley touring bike radio from 2014 - current year. The kit ships with a return shipping label for your convenience. After you are finished with the tool simply drop it in the mail and receive a full refund for your $200 deposit.

$120.00 Value! 

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Made in Germany

The Velocity 8 is based on the German made Helix M5.4 DSP and is extensively modified and tailored specifically for Harley stereo systems.

  • 9 Channels of DSP Output
  • 4 Channels of Harley Plug & Play Input Signal
  • 4 X 60W RMS @ 4 Ohms of Onboard Amplifier Power for Tweeters (up to 8)
  • 4 Channels of Pre-Amp RCA Output
  • 1 Channel of Balanced Subwoofer Out Over RCA
  • 9 Channels of Virtual EQ in Addition to Output EQ
  • 4 Channels of Input EQ (for radio signal)
  • All EQ Channels are Full Parametric (4 channels input, 9 channels virtual, & 9 channels output)

What's Included

  • Velocity 8 DSP/Amplifier/Analyzer
  • Plug & Play Speaker, Power, & Input Harness 
  • Remote, & Accessory Harness
  • Battery Power Service Disconnect
  • 4 Channel RCA Output Harness (channels F, G, H, & I)
  • Twin Mono Balanced RCA Subwoofer Output Harness
  • USB Program Cable
  • USB Thumb Drive (software, test tones, pre-configured setup files, installation article links)
  • Live Remote DSP Software Setup, Tuning Assistance, and Professional Advisor

What's Not Included

  • Optional speaker wire harnesses (Lowers, lid speakers, etc.) 
  • Optional radio T harness for Ultra models and factory amplified bikes
  • Optional RCA output adapters for on board amplified channels A, B, C, & D
  • Optional High Level/Speaker Pigtail Adapters for Channels A,B, C, & D (needed if driving speakers/tweeters from DSP and not using one of our plug & play speaker harnesses or passing high level signal on to an external amplifier with speaker wire type connections instead of RCA connections)
  • Optional Tuning Microphone Kit - used to auto tune or manual tune speakers with onscreen display