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Stroker 8 Harley Davidson Pro Mid Woofer Kit with Phase One Saddlebag Mounts


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2 Woofer Mounting Kits + 2 Gold Line Cerwin Vega Pro 8" Woofers.

Get everything that you need to add big pro audio sound to your Harley bagger. This kit includes a pair of Cerwin Vega Stroker mid woofers as well as a pair of American Hard Bag Saddlebag mounting kits. This is a great way to get into top level sound without breaking the bank. 

Step into Big Pro Audio Sound with the All New Cerwin Vega Stroker Pro Gold.

The all new Gold Stroker Pro mids deliver very high levels of sound without the cone breakup and  voice coil alignment issues that many other pro mids encounter when pushed to the limit. This is accomplished by utilizing a second spider (accordion looking part) where a dust cap would normally be located. The second spider in the middle of the speaker cone provides a much improved level of cone alignment. The spider is anchored by a precision machined pole that runs down the center of the woofer. The end result is a much more effective motor structure and stable cone movement. 

Wide band Frequency Range 

The Stroker woofers are designed to play very aggressive midbass through the vocal range frequencies, and when paired with a set of horn loaded tweeters the end result is an amazing full range speaker system that sounds great and is loud enough to wake the dead. 

Optional Speaker Grill Kit

An optional set of stamped steel powder coated grills are available as an add on to this kit for $69.99 a pair. Please select before adding to cart. 

Optional Router Kit

Router Kit

An optional router kit is available as an add on. This kit makes installation much simpler and the final outcome is quite a bit better than what can be achieved without it. The kit includes two MDF router templates, template mounting hardware, and a very specialized router bit for cutting the hole in the bag. his kit is highly recommended in order to get the super clean results like the pictures seen here. Notice the laser perfect edge to the grill opening.  

What's included:

  • 8" woofer Mount (pair)
  • Cerwin Vega Stroker Pro Gold 8" woofers (pair)
  • Downloadable Step by Step Installation Instructions

What's Not Included

  • Grills
  • Router Templates and Specialized Bit

Fitment: All Harley Baggers (except Switchback) '98 - Current Year