Stinger SPX925‑HD Direct OEM Replacement Battery for Harley Audio Upgrades

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The Stinger SPX925-HD Is the Go-to Battery for Harley Audio Enthusiasts and Competitors.

Big audio systems can be very demanding of a motorcycle battery. This battery has a low internal resistance. That means that it charges faster and more efficiently than a lead acid battery. The AGM design of this battery is also much more tolerant to the fast discharge cycles that big audio systems impose on a charging system.  

The Stinger SPX925HD  is the most technologically advanced battery available for the extreme demands of the motorcycle environment. When properly installed and maintained this battery will provide years of trouble free service. Stinger batteries provide power and durability like no other batteries.

This battery uses Advanced Absorbed Glass Mat technology for longer life, more power & greater reliability.

If You Don't Use or Operate Your Equipment Daily, AGM Batteries Will Hold Their Charge Better than Other Types.

  • Advanced Absorbed Glass Mat technology for longer life, more power & greater reliability
  • Direct replacement for easy installation
  • Ultra low ESR allows easier charging and power retention
  • High density construction, more power in the same space
  • Brass alloy posts for higher current transfer & corrosion resistance
  • Pure lead plates keep the battery charged for longer periods of time
  • Thin plates allow more power on demand for easier starting, powering multiple accessories
  • Dimensions: 5” H x 6.562” W x 6.875” 
  • 3 year full replacement warranty
  • CCA: 410A 


We are Authorized Stinger Dealers!

Because American Hard Bag is an authorized Stinger Dealer you get the benefit of their incredible warranty!

LIMITED WARRANTY: 36 - month full replacement!
Stinger of AAMP Global, warrants its batteries to be free of defects in material and
workmanship. This warranty is effective for 36 months from the date of purchase
with original receipt, 36 months from manufacturer's shipping date code on battery
if no original receipt is available. Within the warranty period, the battery will be
replaced free of charge (shipping costs are not covered by warranty) if replacement
is necessary due to defect in material or workmanship (not merely discharged).
Simply return the battery to the authorized Stinger dealer where purchased with
the original receipt for return to Stinger for evaluation.

Replaces these Harley batteries: 


SPX925-HD Manual

SPX925-HD Manual


Download Stinger Battery Application Guide

SPX925-HD Application Guide