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Stealth Amplifier Rack for Harley Davidson Hard Bags


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Mount up to 2 amplifiers in your hard bag and keep them totally concealed from view.


Save an additional $49 when you buy both a left and right side kit together.

Stealth amp racks allow you to mount one or two amplifiers at the bottom of each your saddlebags. The rack will work with several amplifier designs but was engineered specifically for the Arc Audio KS125.2 amplifiers. These amplifiers are ideal for bagger audio. Available as either a left side or right side kit these racks will allow you to add just one or as many as four amplifiers to your bags and still have space to spare (two amplifiers on each side).

Machined from Durable PVC and Built with All Brass and Stainless Hardware, These Racks Are Designed to Stand the Test of Time. 

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Works with American hard Bag Amplifier Wiring Harnesses. See Them Here
  • Designed for Factory Harley Davidson Bags, Works with Most Aftermarket Bags as Well.
  • Channel built into rack for fan cooling (Arc Amps have fans on the top).
  • Made in America

Note: this product will not work in the same bag as our Aggressor 10" subwoofer kit. Many of our customers use one of the these amp racks in one bag and an Aggressor subwoofer kit in the other. This is an ideal combination. 

This amplifier rack was designed for Diamond Micro amplifiers, Arc Audio ks125.2 amplifiers, and Alpine KTP series amplifiers. Experiment with other amplifiers at your own risk. 

Wire harness, bag, and amplifiers not included.

This item is built to order and ships in 5 business days.