ST25 Adapter for 6x9 Harley Lids


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This kit brings a whole new level of performance to lid speakers.

Build the loudest lid speaker in the world. With this kit you can pair a Hertz ST25 horn tweeter with a Hybrid Technologies U69-S woofer for the absolute best performing speaker combination out there. 

Available in Two Variations


The offset version of this kit positions the woofer 1" back in the lid, has a 1/4" offset to the outside, and a 5 degree rotation. This configuration allows for substantially more room in the front of the bag for locating an amplifier on the front wall. The offset to the side and the slight rotation allows of extra clearance between the 6x9 and the shock hump inside the bag. Some aftermarket bags have a shock hump that is slightly deeper than the stock bags. 

No Offset

This version simply suspends the horn tweeter over the woofer and does not add to the footprint of the 6x9. 

Versatile Spacers Included with Multiple Horn Height and Woofer Depth Configurations

A half inch 6x9 spacer is included with each kit. This spacer is used to add some clearance between the horn and the woofer. Additional spacers can be added in order to add distance between the horn bracket and the lid speaker grill. Some speaker lids have less distance between the grill and the woofer mounting surface than others. 

Reversible Horn Bracket

The vertical horn bracket is offset so that the the horn is not centered in the horizontal bracket. This allows you to choose if the horn will sit