Rockford Fosgate Amplifier Installation Kit Road King 98 SKU: RFK-HDRK



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Purpose-Built Amplifier Wiring Kit for your 1998 - Present Harley Road King. 
This Harley-specific kit Includes all of the wiring and brackets you will need for a bolt-in and plug & play. The Rockford Fosgate Amplifier Installation Kit is designed to deliver an exceptional sound experience while retaining as much interior bag space as possible. Kit includes amplifier wiring harness, amp mounting carrier, saddlebag harness cutout templates, factory wiring integration harnesses, and Bluetooth audio module.  Wiring harness includes extensions for lower fairing speakers to be installed at a later time.


  • Compatible Year - 1998+
  • Compatible Model - Road King
  • Location - Saddlebag
  • Additional Adapter Required - No 
  • Modification Required - Cut bag and drill mounting holes
  • Plug & Play - No
  • Works with Electric Lid Locks - N/A


1 year


  • Full Spec Cable, Meets or Exceeds AWG (American Wire Gauge) Requirements
  • Protects your Rockford Fosgate Amplifier Against Any Items Placed in the Bag
  • Amplifier Mounting Points Built Right Into Plate
  • Templates for both 1998 - 2013 and 2014 - Present Bag Types
  • Necessary Cable for Both B(+) and GND(-) Connections
  • Remote Turn-On Power Wire
  • 100% Pure Crystal-Oxygen Free Copper (PC-OFC)
  • Plug and Play Design for Easy Installation
  • Amplifier Wiring Harness
  • Amplifier Mounting Carrier
  • Saddlebag Harness Cutout Templates
  • Direct Connect Wiring Integration Harness
  • Bluetooth Audio Module
  • Extensions for Lower Fairing Speakers for Future Installations


  • Battery PWR/GND Gauge: 8 AWG
  • Amplifier PWR/GND Gauge: 8 AWG
  • Speaker Wire Gauge: 16 AWG
  • Fuse Size: 60 Amp
  • Fuse Type: MAXI

What's Included

(1) Amplifier installation kit