Road King Bluetooth Combo Kit


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Finally! A Great Road King Solution for Bluetooth Audio.

This kit pairs up a premium high voltage hideaway Bluetooth receiver with a totally wireless Bluetooth controller. The Receiver can be installed inside your saddlebag next to the amplifier and the controller can be mounted in any one of several locations where it is easily reachable as you ride. Our favorite location is on or next to the dash on the gas tank. 

The Controller

Lightning fast response. We tried dozens of Bluetooth controllers before settling on this unit. The problem with most controllers is that the controls are very slow, making them useless on a Harley application. 

Small and Easily Mounted

The controller is about the size of a half dollar and is easily mounted in any one of a dozen locations on the bike. It can also be used as a wireless remote and work up to 40 feet away. 

Totally Wireless

The controller is powered by a watch battery that can last up to two years. The controller connects to your smartphone as a keyboard device and not as an audio device. This allows you to also link up to the hideaway receiver at the same time without any conflicts. 

Splash Resistant 

Although not totally water proof, the controller is splash resistant. Simply remove the controller and store it away if you are washing your bike or get caught in a hurricane. 

The Receiver

This receiver has a line driver built in that can deliver up to 3 times the signal voltage of a regular Bluetooth receiver. This dramatically reduces the noise floor as well as any other unwanted electrical sounds that might want to creep into your audio. 

No Extra Wires 

The receiver only requires accessory and ground connections. Both of which can be tagged at your amplifier, so there are no extra wires that need to be ran into your saddlebag. 

Final Performance

The end result is an audio signal that can rival most any aftermarket radio. Add a Rockford DSR1 sound processor and you will have an audio signal that far exceeds the capability of any aftermarket radio.