Rear Speaker Split Backbone Wire Harness SKU: WH-SBB2



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Perfect For Adding Speakers to Saddlebags! This plug & play three-piece harness adds speaker wire that runs from the bike's front fairing to each saddlebag. The kit comes complete with stainless wire inlets that keep water out and clamp the cable in place. Each saddlebag input section of the harness has waterproof quick disconnects rated for more than 500 watts of insane amplifier power on each pin!

Delux version available here!

The deluxe version comes with a service disconnect at the lid and a 4 pin Molex connector on the amplifier end that is directly plug and play with Harley radios as well as all American Hard Bag, Musway, and Velocity amplifier 4 pin disconnects. These small changes require quite a few additional components and sections to be added to the wire harness assembly but the end result is a slam dunk of an install and a much more serviceable audio system overall. Go to the Delux Product Page



  • Compatible Year - All
  • Compatible Model - All
  • Location - Saddlebag
  • Modification Required - Yes, wire inlet holes need to be drilled into each bag.
  • Plug & Play - Yes, at bag connection point. Unterminated and ready for aftermarket connections at speaker and amplifier ends.


5 years


Water Proof

Extreme Level Performance

Road Glide

Street Glide

Ready to Drop in Place
Each harness has already, heat shrunk, terminated, and color-coded. Designed specifically for Harley Baggers, this harness is a fast and easy install. The amplifier end of the harness in the fairing is unterminated and ready for connection to an aftermarket amplifier. The speaker ends of the harness inside each saddlebag are unterminated and ready for connection to aftermarket speakers. Crimp on speaker terminals are included. 

Up to Four Channels
Available as a 2-channel or 4-channel configuration, this harness can support up to two separate speaker lines into each bag.
Note: Designed for use with aftermarket amplifiers and speakers. Not plug and play with OEM Harley radios, amplifiers, or speakers.

Stealthy Factory Appearance
Once installed, the connections and wire runs are totally hidden out of sight. Made in the USA

What's Included

  • (1) Split backbone harness that runs from the fairing to under each side of the seat

  • (2) Plug and play saddlebag input speaker harnesses

  • (2) Chrome plated stainless steel wire inlets

  • (6) Stainless steel screws for wire inlets

  • (4) Crimp on speaker terminals

What's Not Included

Amplifier Bag Harness. Find It Here if you are wanting to also add an amplifier to a saddlebag with plug and play bag connections. 

A full plug and play version of this harness (amplifier and speaker side) can be found here.