Musway/Velocity OverDrive Full System with DSP Road Glide or Street Glide SKU: MUSWAY-OD-4



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Velocity Overdrive Speakers Are the Absolute Top of the Line With Both the Highest Output as Well as the Best Sound Quality

These speakers deliver on a true live concert experience that just can not be found in any other speaker set. Velocity OverDrive is as good as it gets.

Velocity R65 Neo 6.5”  Midranges 

The snap of the midbass is sharp and authoritative. The fairing mids (R65 Neo) are perfectly matched for the available air space in fairing speaker pods of ‘14 and later Street Glides and Road Glides. The upper frequency response is smooth and warm sounding thanks to the light weight yet rigid impregnated cone material. The cone geometry of these speakers is far superior to other pro audio type midranges on the market. The R65 Neo has a very unusual upper mid-range and high-frequency efficiency that makes it much louder when paired with horn-loaded tweeters than all other mid-range speakers. This is because the mid-range can couple to the tweeters output without shifts and gaps in phase or frequency response. 

Velocity RZ75H Compression Horn Tweeters

The first thing that you will notice about this speaker system is that the compression horn tweeters are silky smooth sounding and do not have that typical harsh horn sound at all. They are sparkly and lively sounding. These horns are very much capable of playing louder than all of the other speakers on the bike but they are also level matched, phase matched, and tuned to perfectly compliment the Velocity mid-ranges, making the combination of the two speakers as loud and beautiful sounding as can be. 

Velocity R690 6x9 Woofers

We designed the very best 6x9 in existence for Harley baggers. The R690 thrives in a saddlebag as an enclosure. We designed these speakers with an extra long voice coil which allows the speakers to handle bass at extreme high levels of output. We also designed these speakers to have an abnormally smooth and extended high frequency range so that you can hear those vocals loud and clear while flying down the freeway. And of course we have paired the R690s Velocity to our RZ75H compression tweeters so that you get that same beautiful upper frequency extension in the rear as you are getting from the fairing. 

Musway M4+ amplifier/DSP

We only offer the Velocity OverDrive speaker systems with powerful sound processors like the Musway and Velocity 8 DSP. This is because the processors play a critical role in the performance of these speaker systems. The optional tune that comes with these speaker/amplifier combinations is where the magic happens. Instead of burdening our customers with having to figure out complex tuning on their own, we offer a pre-tune with each system that has dozens of hours of professional wizardry already in them. The Musway M4+ amplifier is ideally matched for power to the OverDrive speakers with the ability to easily drive the speakers to 100% of their mechanical abilities. 

The Software

The Musway PC software interface is just beautiful and rock solid. We have auditioned many DSP interfaces over the years and we even consult for may other DSP and amplifier companies, helping them develop better DSP interfaces. So we know what we are doing when it comes to DSP software. The Musway software is a pleasure to work with and one of the very best that we have ever seen. Plus we offer live remote PC assistance if you ever need any help.

Optional Plug & Play Connections and Harnesses

All of the wire harnesses and connections that you will need to install this system. This includes a fully loomed OFC 8 gauge power harness, waterproof fuse holder (pre-installed), an amplifier mounting pad, a fairing speaker output harness with service disconnects, a rear speaker output harness for the saddlebags with service disconnects in the fainting and at both bags as well as at each lid inside the bags, Plug and play crossovers (front and rear), plug and play 4 channel signal input from the radio, accessory power, and remote output expansion harness for external amplifiers. 

Note: It is important to add details of your bike in the order notes such as any factory amplifiers or if your bike is an ultra model so that we can customize the wire harnesses for your specific bike. Feel free to give us a call for clarification. 1(888)311-0016


  • 2014+ Street Glide, Electra Glide 
  • 2015+ Road Glide - Requires light modification to headlight mounting brackets (plastic) for amplifier width.
  • 2014+ Ultra Limited - This kit adds lid speakers and does not include replacement speakers or connections for the tour pack speakers. We do offer those additional parts and options. Call for more information 1(888)311-0016


  • Musway 1 Year
  • Velocity 2 Years standard or 3 years if installed by an authorized Velocity Dealer
  • Wire Harnesses 5 Year


Water Resistant

Extreme Level Performance

Road Glide

Street Glide


Musway M4+ Amplifer/DSP

  • 4 x 100/135 Watts RMS @ 4/2  Ω 
  • 2 x 270 Watts RMS @ 4  Ω bridged
  • 6 x High Level Input
  • 2 x AUX/RCA Input, 1 x Optical Input/Stereo
  • 4 x Loudspeaker Output amplified
  • 4 x Pre-Amplifier Output/RCA (configurable via DSP)
  • Dimensions: 220 x 44 x 150 mm, 8.66" x 1.73" x 5.9"

Velocity R65 Neo 6.5" Midrange Speakers

  • Size mm (in.) 165 (6.5)
  • Power Handling - Peak 400W
  • Power Handling - Continuous 150W
  • Impedance Ω 4
  • Frequency response Hz 100 ÷ 10k
  • Sensitivity dB SPL 97
  • Voice coil Ø mm (in.) 38,6 (1.5)
  • Magnet Neodymium
  • Cone/Dome Water repellent pressed paper

Velocity RZ75H Compression Horn Tweeters

  • Model: RZ75H
  • Sensitivity: 105dB 1W/1M
  • Frequency Response: 2.5k - 20kHz
  • Nominal Impedence: 4ohm
  • RMS/MAX: 50W/100W
  • FS: 1.71khz
  • Over-All Diameter: 2.95"
  • Over-All Depth: 1.57"
  • Cut-Out Diameter: 2.0"
  • 12 dB Crossover Included

Velocity R690 6x9 Speakers

  • Max power 300 Watts Pair
  • Nominal power 150 Watts Pair
  • Impedance 2 Ω
  • Freq. Response 60 Hz - 20 KHz
  • Sensitivity (2,83V/1m) 93 dB
  • Magnet Ferrite Magnet size Ø x h 85 x 17 mm 3,35“x 0,67“
  • Total driver displacement 0,3 l 0,011 cf
  • Weight of one component 2,315 lb
  • Voice coil Ø 25 mm 0,984“
  • Voice coil height 11 mm 0,433“

What's Included

Video: Optional "Make Life Easy Package"

  • 1 Musway M4+ Amplifier/DSP
  • 1 Pair Velocity R65 Neo 6.5" Speakers
  • 2 Pair Velocity RZ75H Compression Horn Tweeters (front & rear)
  • 2 Pair Velocity OverDrive Plug & Play Passive Crossovers
  • 1 Pair Velocity R690 6x9 Woofers
  • 1 Pair Model Specific (Road Glide or Street Glide) Fairing Speaker Grills with OverDrive mounting provisions and hardware
  • 1 Pair Velocity OverDrive 6x9 Compression Horn Mounting Adapters
  • 2 Rolls Speaker Mounting Gasket
  • 1 USB Drive with Software, Test Tracks, Installation Articles, Installation Videos
  • Optional MUST BE ADDED BEFORE CHECKOUT Plug & Play Wire Harnesses (signal input connections, speaker output connections, power connections and cables, saddlebag speaker harness with disconnects, acessory power input).

What's Not Included

Must add the following options before adding to cart

  • Optional Flash Tool
  • Optional Plug & Play Wire Harnesses (signal input connections, speaker output connections, power connections and cables, saddlebag speaker harness with disconnects, acessory power input).
  • Optional Lid Cut-In Kit
  • Optional DSP Tune