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This kit is a collection of the most critical professional-grade tools and supplies needed to properly install a complete audio system. We handpicked each item in this kit to have everything you need. Several of the parts and tools in this kit are not easy to find, but all of them are critical for a top-notch installation.  We use the same tools and supplies here at American Hard Bag headquarters when we do our own installations.

This kit saves you hours of tracking all of the right parts down and ordering them from many different sources by putting them in one nice kit. Plus, we have included some items that are not easy to track down by themselves. 


  • Compatible Year - All
  • Compatible Model - All
  • Location - All
  • Additional Adapter Required - No
  • Modification Required - No
  • Plug & Play - No
  • Works with Electric Lid Locks - N/A


1 year


Extreme Level Performance

What's Included

  • Audio grade digital multimeter 
  • Calibrated RTA microphone 
  • 4-conductor microphone extension cable
  • Professional grade wire crimpers
  • Professional grade wire stripers
  • Professional grade Flush cutters
  • Wire ferrule crimpers
  • Wire ferrule kit
  • One roll of cloth abrasion tape
  • Seamless uninsulated butt connectors for the wire-to-wire connections
  • Medium-sized female speaker spade terminals
  • Medium-sized male speaker terminals 
  • large-sized female speaker terminals
  • Large-sized male speaker terminals
  • 2 feet of 1/4" heat shrink tube
  • 2 feet of 3/16" heat shrink tube
  • Waterproof/Air-tight tool case

Audio Grade Digital Multi Meter

Product Overview

The included digital multimeter is perfect for both a novice user or a professional. It automatically selects voltage or resistance for you and the correct range. This multimeter will allow you to quickly find and diagnose unexpected technical issues with ease and accuracy. The meter features a true RMS measuring ability, allowing you to measure audio devices working in real-time. When you need this feature, some good examples are measuring radio, signal output, amplifier power, or speaker impedance. These measurements can not be accomplished with a regular contractor's type of multimeter that you will find at your local hardware store.

Laboratory Grade Calibrated Microphone

Product Overview

This little gem is one of the least expensive components in this kit ($21) yet one of the most critical parts.  You can use the microphone with several smartphone apps (both paid and free. RTA (real-time analyzer) allows you to measure the speaker output of your audio system and have it displayed on a graph on your smartphone. Then you can use an Equalizer to cut or boost any frequency range as needed and see the result in real-time! The microphone comes with a calibration file that negates any frequency response deviations of the microphone itself. The result is highly accurate and very affordable.

4-Conductor Microphone Extension Cable

Product Overview

We included an extension cable for the calibrated microphone so that you can hold and look at your smartphone without disturbing the microphone position. The microphone can be hung from the ceiling or positioned on a stand, anything that keeps it steady and pointed in one place while you tune your bike.

Wire Ferrule Kit and Crimpers

Product Overview

You may not have seen one of these before, but it is an essential part of any professional installation. Wire ferrules are utilized when you insert a bare wire into an amplifier terminal or a spring-loaded speaker terminal. When using a wire ferrule at the end of a bare wire connection, you avoid exposed copper wire strands. Also, the wire ferrule doesn't add to the circumference of the wire joint like you might think. It reduces the size considerably.  The result is a much cleaner connection that doesn't degrade and fall apart over time. 

Abrasion Tape

Product Overview

This tape is not for connections. Its primary function is for bundling wires together and creating a nice abrasion-resistant layer around wire harnesses. This is the same type used in all European automobiles. Unlike electrical tape, it doesn't turn to slime in the heat. And if you ever need to take it off, it does not leave a slime on your wire harness. When bundling wires together in a bag or the fairing, this tape is the key to happiness.

Un-Insulated Speaker & Butt Connectors

Product Overview

When making wire-to-wire connections, there is an excellent alternative to solder. Solder is fine, and if you are used to making wire-to-wire connections that way, there is nothing wrong with that. However, Uninsulated butt connectors can be faster, more consistent, and more convenient.

Professional Grade Wire Crimpers

Product Overview

Crimp connections are only worth doing if you have the correct crimp tool for the job. The type of crimpers you get from the hardware store is NOT the kind you need. So we included some actual professional-grade crimpers.

Flush Cutters, not Diagonal Cutters!

Product Overview

Cutting zip ties with diagonal cutters should be a crime, so we included actual flush cutters. Using the flat side of the cutters, you can trim off zip ties and not leave a razor-sharp edge to cut yourself.