Lower Fairng Speaker Harness for Active Speaker Systems VWH-LF SKU: VWH-LF



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Made for Velocity 8 Active Speaker Systems

Plug & play with Velocity 8 DSP, Velocity RZA500.2 amplifiers and all Velocity OverDrive component speaker kits.
Make your life easy and maximize your installation integrity with a plug and play 4 channel lower fairing speaker harness. 

Woofer Parallel T harness Adapters (L/R pair)

If you plan to run the mid range woofers in the lowers from the same channels as the upper fairing woofers (very common) then a fairing speaker plug and play T harness is available. Please select the woofer parallel T harness before adding the lower fairing harness to cart.

This harness will simply plug in line with your upper fairing speakers at the factory speaker pod service disconnect. This arrangement works out spectacularly with 4 ohm speakers and a 2 ohm stable amplifier. Most amplifiers when presented with a 2 ohm load (2 speakers in parallel) will simply double their output. So each speaker gets the same amount of amplifier power as if it were on its own amplifier channel. Win-win! The speakers should both have similar power handling and crossover requirements for this to work. Diamond Audio MSPRO65 woofers in the uppers and Hertz SV165 Neos in the lowers is a known great combination if you have liquid cooled lowers.

Tweeter Series T Harness Adapters (L/R pair)

If you plan on running the tweeters in your lowers on the same channels as the upper fairing tweeters (recommended) we offer a tweeter T harness that is plug and play with our Velocity 8 DSP/amplifier. Please select before adding the lower fairing harness to cart. 

Note: A second set of teewter series harness adapters can be purchased and used on rear tweeters as well. For example: when running horns both in the lids as well as in the tour pack location. This allows you to drive up to 8 horns (two pair in the front and two pair in the rear) all from the Velocity 8 DSP.

Product Description

This harness allows you to run your lower fairing tweeters on dedicated amplifier channels without needing to cut and splice anything.


  • All Years and trim Street Glide, Electra glide, Road Glide, and Road King.
  • Road King requires additional backbone harness to run from the saddlebag to the headlight bucket.
  • Designed for use with 4 channel active lower fairing speakers and a fairing mounted amplifier.


2 Years Limited


Water Proof

Extreme Level Performance

Road Glide

Street Glide

Built specifically for Velocity 8 active speaker systems. Plug & play with Velocity 8 rear tweeter outputs and with Velocity OverDrive speaker systems.


100% OFC (Oxygen Free Copper)

What's Included

  • Fairing Amplifier to Lower Speaker Harnesses X 2
  • Tweeter Service Disconnect X 2
  • Mid Range Amplifier Service Disconnect

What's Not Included

  • Road King Backbone Harness Sold Separately
  • Upper Fairing Parallel MId Range T Harness Sold Separately
  • Tweeter Series T Harness Sold Separately