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We Tune Your Bike for You

All Live-Tune enabled systems can be remotely tuned via the internet by one of our professionals. We can tune your bike from anywhere in the world. Why settle for anything less than the best? Our techs set these systems up every day and have tuned thousands of bike audio systems over the years.

How It Works

The Live-Tune service includes a tuning kit rental and a live remote PC tuning session appointment. The tuning kit has a lab grade calibrated microphone and everything that you will need to plug it into your bike system. We even include a microphone stand. Helix DSP amplifiers have very advanced diagnostic and tuning tools built right into them. Once the tuning microphone and an internet connected PC is plugged into your bike via USB, we can then see and control every aspect of your audio system remotely.

Rental Details

  • Rental term is 5 business days (Monday through Friday)
  • Rental amount $125
  • Fully Refundable $200 deposit
  • Free return shipping included
  • $50 store credit if returned early (see contract for details)
  • Live remote tuning session with our tech team included
  • $50 per day after the 5 day term
  • Kit Not For Sale

Product Description

What We Can Control

During a Live Tune session we can see and adjust the following for you with extreme accuracy.

  • Speaker Frequency Response - real world - real time
  • Speaker Equalizer - up to 10 channels
  • Crossovers - up to 10 channels
  • Speaker Phase - up to 10 channels
  • Radio De-Equalizer! - up to 4 channels, works with any flash
  • DSP Input Gains
  • Amplifier Output Gains
  • Output Gains for Additional External Amplifiers
  • User Equalizer - Completely separate from speaker equalizer. Works on top of speaker equalizer so that the user can add a personal touch without messing things up.
  • Augmented Bass Enhancer
  • Clarity Expander
  • Save All Settings
  • Many More Important Adjustments

What's Included

  • One on One Live Remote Tuning Session With an Expert
  • Calibrated Microphone
  • Microphone Stand
  • Microphone Cable
  • Microphone Clamp
  • USB Microphone Adapter
  • USB Micro to USB A Adapter
  • 10 Foot USB Cable Extension
  • USB Thumb Drive with software and test track
  • Prepaid Return Shipping label

What's Not Included

Required Items

  • Live Tune Enabled Audio System from American Hard Bag
  • Windows PC With 2 Available USB Ports
  • Internet Connection
  • Battery Charger for the Bike
  • A Location Where You Can Make Some Real Noise for About 20 Minutes