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Horn Tweeter Bracket for '13 & Down Harley Speaker Lids


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Take a Factory Harley Speaker Lid and Load It up with Pro Audio Gear!

Harley speaker lids with ST25 Hertz Horn Tweeter

Designed to work hand in hand with our 5x7" to 6x9" Harley speaker lid adapter kit, this bracket will allow you to mount a pair of 1.7" horn loaded tweeters over the 6x9 and still fit under the factory speaker grill. This arrangement takes sound levels in factory lids to a whole new level. Machined from a durable polymer, these brackets are designed to take the abusive outdoor environment and deliver years of performance. 

Kit comes as a pair and ships with all stainless steel hardware. 

Recommended 6x9 midrange speaker - Hybrid Audio Technologies Unity U69 or Diamond Audio D69C. Other 6x9" midrange speakers may also work well. 

You can find our '13 & down 5x7" to 6x9" adapter kit for Harley speaker lids here.