Horn Crossover Capacitors for Harley Applications SKU: OE-AHB-CAP



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These are high-quality 400-volt crossover capacitors for use with most any popular compression horn tweeter. These are ideal for use with Hertz ST25A Neo horns that do not already come with crossovers. 

Better than other capacitors
The exceptional Solen line of metalized polypropylene capacitors features a high purity, polypropylene film dielectric. They exhibit outstanding high-frequency characteristics, low dielectric absorption factor, high current capacity, and unrivaled handling of fast high current pulses.


  • Compatible Year - Custom
  • Compatible Model - Custom
  • Location - Custom
  • Additional Adapter Required - Custom
  • Modification Required - Custom
  • Plug & Play - Custom
  • Works with Electric Lid Locks - N/A

Installation Note: These capacitors should be soldered to a lead wire and not connected directly to the horn terminal. This is because vibration can cause the metal lead of the capacitor to break off at the end of the capacitor. 


1 year


  • Capacitance 3.3 µF
  • Tolerance 5%
  • Voltage Rating 400V

What's Included

(1) Set of horn crossover capacitors