HD14-TKIT Power Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® (2014+) & Road Glide® (2015+) Front Audio Kit


We Build Full Systems!

There are many more speakers, amplifiers, and kits to choose from than what you see here.

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'14 & Up Street Glide / Road Glide Plug & Play Full System!

This system comes with everything! Two speakers and a four channel amp, means that this system gives you an additional two channels of expansion. This system comes with a powerful four channel amplifier that is capable of driving very large scale audio systems. 

Replacement speaker grills for Road Glide, Street Glide, and tour pack speakers are all included in the kit. No wires need to be cut on your factory Harley wire harness. Will not void your factory warranty. Every nut, bolt, harness, and bracket that you will need for a full installation is included in this kit.

Designed specifically for '14 & up Harley baggers.

This kit is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Harley factory radio. Keep your hand controls, speed controlled volume, and weatherproof construction. 

Rockford thought of all the small details when they came up with this system.

The speakers are designed from the ground up for '14 & up harley baggers. They are weather resistant, use neo magnet motor structures to reduce weight and increase efficiency (more punch for every watt). They use carbon fiber reinforced cones, and a high temp voice coil design. The tweeter is built right into the woofer magnet for a low profile. Additionally the embedded tweeter design adds a bold sound to the lower end of the tweeter frequency response. The tweeter grill has an acoustic lense built into the grill that tailors the frequency response to the road experience. Rockford thought of everything!


Add an additional set of TMS65 speakers ($299) if you have or want to add tour pack speakers to your bike. This kit comes with tour pack specific grills. Or add a set of Hertz MPX690.3 6x9" speakers ($499) if you want to add speakers to your lids. If you want to use factory Harley speaker lids, we make an adapter kit ($89) that makes that possible. 

"14 & up Info

We have a lot of additional installation related information about '14 up Harley systems. Feel free to contact us 1(916) 295-3959.