Harley Pro Audio Speaker Lid Kit with Diamond Audio M1SRT Compression Horn14LID-M1SRT-H


Pro Audio Speaker Lid Kit for the Highest Levels of Performance Possible From a Lid Speaker

Lids Optional 

AHB '14 & Up Razor 6x9 Speaker Lids #14AHBLID

You can choose to add a pair of our razor lids to this package. Our Razor lids are factory replicas that come already fitted with the horn and 6x9 adapters for you when they arrive. These lids are the best in the market and they come with a number of paint options. Please read about all of the lid options before ordering.
You can read more details about our Razor lids here.
CVO Electric Lid Locks Our lids are now compatible with factory Harley electric lid locks! The factory lid locks and all lid hardware is directly compatible with these lids. Note: you must select the lid lock adapter option before adding to cart.

Get the Best!

This is our top of the line lid speaker kit. It doesn't get any better than this! The 14LID-M1SRT-H is the latest generation of our very popular pro audio lid speaker lineup. This kit gets a bullet style compression horn tweeter under the factory speaker grill and suspends it above the best 6x9 woofer ever made for Harley applications.  

  • Loudest 6x9 speaker setup on the planet
  • Deeper bass than any other 6x9
  • Compression horn tweeters for ultra high volume levels
  • Factory fit and finish with stealth appearance
  • Light weight, high intensity neodymium magnets are much stronger but weigh a small fraction of cheap iron magnets on other 6x9s
  • Low profile basket doesn't hog up your bag space

The Hybrid Technologies 6x9 Woofer

When we set out to design this kit it was a challenge to find a 6x9 woofer that could keep up with the extreme volume levels that a compression horn tweeter can deliver. Fortunately Hybrid Technologies makes the most extreme 6x9 ever. This woofer excels in a saddlebag as a speaker enclosure. The low moving mass design is much more efficient than a typical car audio type 6x9. Additionally the Hybrid woofer has a high resonant characteristic that allows it to produce much more authoritative bass than what is normally possible from a 6x9. 

Neo Magnet Is the Way to Go

The first thing people notice about this speaker is that it has a magnet that doesn't resemble other high power speakers. This is because this speaker uses a neodymium magnet instead of an iron magnet. Iron magnets are what people are used to seeing. Most speaker manufacturers use iron magnets because they are cheap. We are big fans of neodymium magnets though over iron magnets. Iron magnets are not nearly as powerful and they are like having anvils in your bags. Neo magnets do cost a bit more but the benefits are very much worth the cost.  

2 Ohm Voice Coil Makes It Better for the Job

Having a woofer that is rated for a high level of power is great but it does you no good if you can not deliver that high level of power to the speaker. With a 2 ohm voice coil these woofers put a higher demand on the amplifier and output much more sound than a 4 ohm woofer given the same amplifier. 

  • Waterproof
  • Stupid loud
  • light weight
  • Low profile
  • Bass heavy with a very sharp mid-bass punch
  • 2 ohm for very high power levels
  • 120 Watts Power Handling
  • 240 Watts Peak Power Handling
  • 89.3 dB Sensitivity (2.83V/1M)
  • 45 - 3.8k Hz Frequency Response
  • 75mm Mounting Depth

The Diamond Audio M1SRT Compression Horn Tweeters

Diamond Audio was nice enough to invite us down to their headquarters during the design phase of these horns. We were involved in some of the decisions that were made regarding sound quality and mounting features. We compared these horns to all of the other popular horns on the market. There is no comparison. All of the new Diamond Audio horns (especially the M1SRT) are way way better sounding and friendlier to work with (tuning and mounting) than any other manufacturers horn. And they are stupid loud. 

The M1SRT horn is by far the very best bullet style horn on the market.


 Overall Diameter 2.28"
Cut Out Diameter 1.75"
Over All Depth 2.2"
Mounting Depth 1.12"
Sensitivity  106 db 1W/1M
Frequency Response 3k - 20k
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm
Power Handling

50W RMS / 100W Max

Included Crossover


Rebuildable Diaphragm 



Factory CVO Style Speaker Lids with Corner Grill for 6x9s. Beauty is in the Details!

These are the best looking and performing 6x9 lids on the market. These lids are pretty much identical to the factory Harley Davidson speaker lids. The only differences are that the grills do not have the HD badge on them. They are injection molded and are very rigid just like factory lids. 

Made for 6x9

These lids are 5x7 just like the factory lids. We machine these lids to accept our included Harley 5x7 to 6x9 adapter. The end result is a slick factory looking lid that has the burly structure to handle larger high power 6x9 speakers. 

Ready to Rock

Lids come already drilled and machined for our included 6x9 speaker adapters for you. This makes adding lids a quick and painless task. No special tools required. 

Not the Same as Other Aftermarket Lids

  • Waterproof. These lids are waterproof. Most all aftermarket lids leak where the grills mount to the lid. These do not. 
  • Airtight. No leaks around the grill and they come with new quality rubber gaskets. 
  • Steel Grills not Plastic. The included speaker grills are steel mesh that is much nicer looking than the typical plastic.
  • Works With All Factory Hardware. Your factory hinges, locks, and latches all fit perfectly.
  • Rigid Construction. Many of the aftermarket lids are flimsy and just poorly made. These lids are just like the factory lids and have much better fitment than what you typically will find.  
  • Low Profile Speaker Mounting. These lids tuck the 6x9 high up in the lid so that the lid speakers don't eat up your bag space. Most aftermarket 6x9 lids use a deep cone adapter that positions the 6x9 way lower in the lid than they should be. 

Speaker Lid Paint Grades

Our Razor speaker lid kits are available in two paint grades. 

Grade 1

Actual Factory Harley Davidson brand speaker lids. Available in most any factory color. Choose from 55 factory paint colors including CVO colors. Grade 1 lids have the highest quality paint grade we offer. These lids are all inspected and polished with a guarantee not to have any scratches or flaws in the paint. 

Lead Time

Grade 1 lids have a 4-8 week lead time. These lids are painted, polished, and assembled per order. 

Grade 2

Available only in Vivid Black. Grade 2 lids are painted in large quantities (hence the lower price) and are officially labeled as paint ready and not show ready. These lids may have minor paint flaws.   

Lead Time

Grade 2 lids have up to a 2 week lead time. Often times we have these lids in stock and they ship in just a few days but plan on two weeks just to be safe. 


All '14 & up Harley Davidson touring bikes. 

CVO Electric Lid Locks

Our lids are now compatible with factory Harley electric lid locks! The factory lid locks and all lid hardware is directly compatible with these lids. Note: you must select the lid lock adapter option before adding to cart. 

This part has a lead time before shipping. 

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Returns are easy, simply contact us for a return Authorization number and send your item to our returns center for fast processing. We'll get you a replacement or refund in a snap! You can find our refund policy here.



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