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Harley 10" Subwoofer & Amplifier Combo Deal!


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Big Bass for Your Harley Bagger. 

Fitment: All Harley baggers from '98 to current year. Will not fit Switchback bags. Works with stretched or factory bags. 

Save Big with This Combo Deal!

Save with this combo and get all of the major components in one shot. 

What's Included

This combo package comes with two 10" subwoofer mounts, two Diamond Audio 10" DS102 subwoofers, and a Diamond Audio 500 watt amplifier. All stainless steel hardware, router templates,and even a specialized router bit for making the grill holes in your bags is included in the kit. The kit also comes with stamped steel grills for the inside of both bags. 

Designed for show bikes

Add 10" Subwoofers to Your Harley Sound System with an "Aggressor Kit." Designed specifically for Diamond Audio DS102 (dual 2 ohm) or DS104 (dual 4 ohm) subwoofers. 

This kit produces more low bass than any other speaker arrangement. Nobody expects to here big bass like this from a Harley. This kit is not intended for use on the road. It is designed for show bikes and to impress a crowd. If you are looking for big sound that you can hear at highway speeds, we make other kits that are designed for that. See them here.

Installation Instructions Can Be Found Here

The kit include a special extra long router bit in each kit that makes cutting the grill hole perfectly a simple effortless task.  We found a good quality trim bit with a 1/4" shank that will fit any trim router. This bit is an inch longer than the flush trim bits that you can typically find just about anywhere. Just another one of the many fine details that ensures a great end product.  

What Kind of Bags Will This Kit Fit?

The Aggressor subwoofer kit is designed to fit Harley hard saddlebags between the years of 1998 & Up. The kit was originally designed for factory bags but has been found to work well with a variety of aftermarket bags including fiberglass replicas and extended bags as well. 

The kit will work with both standard Harley saddle bag lids as well as factory Harley lids with 6"X8" speaker provisions. There are many aftermarket lids with additional configurations available that will likely work as well but we have not tested them as of yet. Be sure to check fitment before committing to installing the woofer mounts. In the event that there is a fitment issue we do accept returns. Call for more info 1(916) 823-5256.