Front Factory Amplifier Bypass Harness for Fairing 14+ SKU: WH-14-BYP-F



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Get Rid of That Factory Amp! Make Your Bike Plug-and-Play with Aftermarket Amplifiers!
Until now, removing a factory amplifier required lots of rewiring. Removing the factory amplifier disconnects the speakers from the radio. This harness loops the speaker signal from the radio back out to the speaker locations, bypassing the amplifier entirely.

  • Front radio outputs are routed directly to the front speaker pod plugs. 
  • Saddlebag lid speakers are available via a pigtail on this harness labeled "Rear Speakers." 
  • Easy installation. Unplug the factory amplifier and plug this harness in, and you are done. 

A front plug & play signal adapter is required when using this harness.

This harness works hand in hand with our standard 2014-Up Harley Plug & Play Adapter for Aftermarket Amplifiers. The front plug and play signal adapter will give you RCA outputs to connect to your aftermarket amplifier or sound processor while also presenting a resistive load to your factory radio. The resistive load increases sound quality and allow you to use the entire volume range of the radio without distortion.

You can find the front plug & play signal harness here.


  • Compatible Year - 2014+
  • Compatible Model - Street Glide, Road Glide
  • Location - Fairing
  • Additional Adapter Required - Yes - T Harness, Rear Bypass Harness if dual amplified
  • Modification Required - No
  • Plug & Play - Yes
  • Works with Electric Lid Locks - N/A

Installation Notes:

(Bikes with Factory Harley Amplifier in Saddlebag)

  1. On some amplified bikes with a second factory amplifier located in the left saddlebag, the rear speaker signal might not be available in this plug. On those models, the rear speaker signal for the saddlebag lids will need to be grabbed at the radio harness and will require splicing for the rear speakers. The front speakers, though, will still work with this plug.
  2. Our saddlebag amplifier bypass harness is also required to bypass the rear amplifier on these models. The saddlebag amplifier bypass harness will connect the signal circuits coming from the front of the bike (either at the radio or the front amplifier bypass harness) to the lid speakers, Eliminating the need for new aftermarket speaker lines and saddlebag disconnects to be run from the front of the bike back to the bags. Keep your factory saddlebag connections!


1 year


Solid Upgrade

Road Glide

Street Glide

What's Included

(1) Front Amplifier Bypass Harness