Rockford DSR1 Digital Sound Processor (EQ)

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Rockford Fosgate Has Come up with the Perfect Processor for Harley Davidson!

There are a lot of great sound processors out there these days, the new Rockford DSR-1 really stands out as a perfect fit for Harley Davidson applications. 

No need to flash your bike! This kit comes with load resistors and equalization abilities that allow you to tune your radio to sound just like an aftermarket radio. The only reason you might want to flash your factory radio is if you want to enable the rear signal out from the radio. Call us for more details 1(916) 823-5256. 

Additional DSR1 specifications and features include:
• Frequency response: 20 - 20k +/- 0.5 dB
• 239 Bands of equalization for aftermarket tuning
• Adjustable crossovers with selectable slope and crossover type
• Crossover Frequency: 20 - 20k Hz
• Time Alignment of up to 10msec of delay on each channel
• Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for convenient setup
• Interactive Tuning Interface Controlled via Android/ iOS App
• Optional PLC2 Level Controller with assignable functions
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.12 in. x 4.04 in. x 1.26 in.
• CE Compliant

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Click here for  a full review and explanation on the DSR1 processor.

'14 and up Harley Davidson front signal harness

Front Plug & Play Signal Harness for '14 and up Harleys Is Available with This Kit. 

This harness includes the connectors that plug into the factory radio to grab signal as well as two new plug & play speaker harnesses that go from your aftermarket amplifier back to the front speaker pods. 

Note: The front plug and play harness shown is an optional part that will not ship with this item unless it is selected as an add-on at checkout. 

Rear Plug & Play Signal Harness 

If you would like to keep or enable your factory fader control, you can optionally purchase the rear signal harness for $69. Note: If your bike came from the factory with only two speakers you will need to have the radio flashed for 4 speaker operation in order to use the rear signal harness.  

Rear Plug & Play Signal Harness for Ultra Models. 

Ultra models do not have rear signal available at the front of the bike. The rear signal is available though at the tour pack plug near the back of the bike. We make a special harness for these bikes that gives you a "T" harness that goes in line with the tour pack and gives you both signal and speaker outputs up at the front of the bike. 

This harness has a 7 business day build time before shipping