Diamond Audio DE692 6x9 Speaker

$299.00 $239.99

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Great Sounding & Loud!

The Diamond DE692 is an outstanding 6x9 coaxial speaker. A great fit for either Cycle Sound speaker lids or factory Harley speaker lids (with our Harley 5x7 to 6x9 speaker adapter kit). These speakers perform at top level. Lightweight ABS frame design reduces your center of gravity and lid weight. The low profile basket also keeps the speaker nicely tucked up high within the lid to maximize your storage space in your saddlebags. Efficient enough to be powered by a radio only and high enough power handling to perform at extreme levels with a powerful amplifier.

What We like about this Speaker:

  • There are several aspects to this speaker that makes it especially well suited for motorcycle use:

    • Composite construction of the speaker basket keeps the weight down and improves performance.
    • Large aluminum dome tweeter has a very live and bold sound that is able to keep up with large scale audio systems.
    • Plenty powerful enough to reach very high output levels with lots of impressive bottom end punch but efficient enough not to require a cinder block sized amplifier. 
    •         Composite Foam Core Carbon Fiber Cone
    •         150W max power handling, 70W RMS


      Waterproof Materials!

      These speakers are made of materials that are impervious to damage from rain. However, removable rain covers should be used on your bags when your bike is exposed to heavy rain in order to keep water from ending up in your bags.