Diamond-Velocity-Arc KS Speaker Amplifier Combo SKU: C-14DARC-6575KS-SG-GRILLS



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Ready for a compact and powerful system for your 2014+ bagger? We’ve got you covered with our new Diamond-Velocity-Arc Audio Combo. Our new combo offers simple installation, spectacular out-of-the-box sound without requiring complex tuning, and no need to mount external tweeters. You'll enjoy a fuller-sounding bottom and much better sound quality from the horn-loaded tweeters.

Arc Audio’s KS 125.2 Full Range Mini Amplifier has a bass frequency extension technology that provides increased perceived bass frequency response below the low-frequency cut-off in an audio system. BX2 uses the principle of the missing fundamental, which creates the sensation of low frequencies by generating a carefully calculated series of harmonics designed to simulate the auditory experience in the human ear caused by the missing fundamental pitch.

When paired with Diamond Audio’s MSPRO65 speakers and Velocity RZ75H tweeters, you have a system that produces crisp highs and beefy lows, clear enough to hear at high speed running down the freeway.

Flash Your Own Radio
This combo is available with an optional radio flash tool that allows you to flash your own radio unlimited times. Licensed for a single bike (VIN locked) and you can add as many additional bikes as you like for $49


  • Compatible Year - 2014+
  • Compatible Model - Street Glide, Road Glide
  • Location - Fairing
  • Additional Adapter Required - No
  • Modification Required - Road Glide Yes - pod modification with heat gun to make clearance for magnet
  • Plug & Play - Yes
  • Works with Electric Lid Locks - N/A

Installation notes: radio interface required when retaining factory radio. A radio flash and or a DSP is recommended.  

* Speaker is slightly oversized. To make it fit, use a heat gun to heat up the inside and outside of the speaker pod where the speaker would sit until it changes color. Then drop in the speaker and screw it in.


  • Diamond Audio Components: 1 Year
  • Arc Audio Components: 1 Year
  • Velocity Components: 2 Years
  • American Hard Bag Components: 5 Years


Water Resistant

Extreme Level Performance

Road Glide

Street Glide

What's Included

  • (1) Pair Diamond Audio MSPRO65 High Output Pro Speakers
  • (1) Pair Velocity RZ75H Extreme Output Tweeter-Short Horns
  • (1) Pair Fairing Speaker Grills
  • (1) Arc Audio KS 125.2 BX² Mini Full Range Amp
  • 8 gauge OFC amplifier power and mounting kit
  • All Applicable Manuals and hardware


Product Overview

We have been working closely with Diamond Audio for some time now on pro audio speakers specifically for Harley applications. This kit is the result of all that hard work. The kit is a direct bolt-in that does not require any modification to the bike to install. Contains one set of MSPRO65 High Output Pro Speakers and matching grills.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Rating: 200 W RMS/ 400 MAX
  • Sensitivity: 97dB 1W/1M
  • Frequency Response: 110Hz-10k Hz+/-3dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Mounting Depth: 2.375"
  • Cut-out Diameter: 5.625"
  • Over-all Diameter: 6.5"
  • Over-all Height: 2.5625"


  • Keep all of your gauges
  • No need to cut up your fairing
  • Much higher volume levels
  • Much better sounding than any other pro audio setup


Technical Specifications

  • Diameter - 2.28"
  • Overall depth - 2.0"
  • Mounting Depth - 1.12"
  • Sensitivity - 106 dB 1W/1M
  • Frequency - 2k - 20k
  • Impedance - 4 Ohm
  • Power Handling - 50W RMS / 100W Max
  • Included Crossover - 12db

Arc Audio KS 125.2 BX² Mini Full Range Amp

Product Overview

BX2 technology allows the system user to experience dramatically improved levels of system performance, sound quality, and improved low-frequency response by:

  • Increasing low-frequency output and performance without causing the speakers to perform outside their physical design limitations.
  • Decreasing power consumption during low-frequency reproduction up to 75%.
  • Allows small format speakers to reproduce low frequencies traditionally designed for larger speakers.

Technical Specifications

  • 2- Channels @ 4 Ohms - 70w
  • 2-Channels @ 2 Ohms - 125w
  • 1-Channel @ 4 Ohms (Bridged) - 250w
  • Frequency -5Hz - 20kHz
  • Crossover Range - 50Hz - 550Hz
  • S/N Ratio - 101dB
  • Input Sensitivity - 170mV - 3.5V
  • Fuse - 1 x 30 Amp
  • Dimensions - 8.25"(L) x 4.8"(W) x 1.7"(H)


  • The KS125.2BX Mini Exclusively Incorporates ARC Audio’s BX2 Low-Frequency Enhancement Technology. The BX2 Technology Gives You Big Bass And Improved Low-Frequency Response Without The Additional Physical Demand On Your Speakers.
  • The KS125.2BX Mini Uses A High-Velocity Forced Induction Fan For Additional Cooling.
  • Bridge Auto Detect Mode (Autosense Turn On).
  • Class G/H Switching Design 
  • Protection Against: Reverse Voltage, Speaker Short, And Thermal Overload.
  • Wide Band Over Voltage Protection Allows For Continued Use Without Interruption From Very High Voltage Spikes
  • Optically Isolated Mosfet Power Supply.
  • Stable to 2-Ohms Stereo.
  • Ultra-Low Radiated Noise for Clean AM/FM/ Reception

Fairing Mounted Amplifier Power Kit

Product Overview

This powerful amplifier kit comes complete with all the cabling, speaker wires, terminals, disconnects, and fuse blocks needed to perform a quality installation, except for RCA interconnects.


  • Waterproof eight gauge fuse holder that uses MIDI-style fuses
  • Fuse holder is compact and very friendly to mount
  • Comes with a large hook and loop mounting pad
  • Includes load resistors to prevent distortion and damage