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Cycle Sounds '14 & Up 6x9" Speaker Lids (Unpainted)


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Easily transform 2014 and later OEM saddlebags into a custom audio package made for maximum volume and performance! 

The Bagger Audio™ Saddlebag Lid Speaker System is a sure way to get maximum volume from your bagger. Designed specifically for 2014 and later Harley Davidson standard saddlebags our Lid system allows the addition of 6” x 9” speakers to your existing bags. Using a revolutionary hydrophobic speaker grill design, the Cycle Sounds lid system is made to hold up in real world conditions. As a direct replacement for standard 2014 and later Harley Davidson hard bags the Cycle Sounds lid system perfectly integrates 6” x 9” speakers into the saddlebags without changing the look of the bike, adding bulk or reducing storage space. Using a revolutionary hydrophobic speaker grill, there is no need to worry about moisture getting to the electronics or your cargo. 

Lids Only Kit Includes:
  • 2 Saddlebag Speaker Lids for 6" x 9" Speakers
  • 2 Metal Speaker Grills w/ Hydrophobic Fabric
  • 2 Speaker Mounting Bezels 
  • 2 Rubber Seals for Harley Standard Saddlebags
  • 2 Lid Hinge Straps w/ Metal Braces
  • Printed User/Installation Guide & Fabric Patterns

*Note: Saddlebag lids and grills are delivered raw and will need to be painted before installation.