Custom Size "Bond-In" Amplifier Rack for Saddlebags


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There are many more speakers, amplifiers, and kits to choose from than what you see here.

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Get a Custom Made "Bond-In" Amp Rack for Your Amplifier.

Simply specify exact outside dimensions of the amplifier that you are using and we will machine you a perfect amp rack. All racks come with a pocket in the center for mounting an LED as well as light diffuser in the center of the acrylic. #8-32 Stainless machine screws are supplied with each amp rack as well as an 8-32 tap and a #29 drill bit. This way you can drill your own precise mounting points for your amplifier. The mounting puck will already be drilled with the six bolt pattern that matches the six bolt pattern on the acrylic amp rack.

Lots of Mounting Options

Because there are no through bolts involved in mounting the amp rack, you are free to mount the amp in any number of locations in the bag. 

Included in the Kit

  • Custom machined acrylic amp mounting plate with LED diffuser
  • Blacked out mounting puck
  • American made stainless fasteners
  • 5 minute epoxy
  • 3M attachment tape
  • #8-32 tap
  • #29 drill bit


Custom Amp Racks Are Available in Two Sizes

  • Amplifiers that weigh less than 3 pounds are $99. 
    Amp racks for amps that weigh less than 3 pounds are made from 1/4" cast acrylic.
  • Amplifiers that weigh 3 pounds or more are $149.
    Amp racks for amps that weigh more than 3 pounds are made from 3/8" cast acrylic.

We have many documented amp racks that we do not advertise on this website. If your amplifier is one that we already have on file, we will pre-dirll and tap the amp mounting points for you and ship you the appropriate stainless hardware for mounting your amplifier.   

You can find installation instructions for our Bond-In amp racks here.