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Cerwin Vega SM8 Full Range Speaker (Pair)

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These woofers are the best performing woofer for saddlebags. We are big believers in this particular product. These speakers do not look like traditional high power speakers due to the unique design, but are the very best speaker for the job. A traditional woofer with a heavy iron magnet and a heavy moving mass (cone) just does not perform well in a saddlebag. These woofers are extremely efficient due to their low moving mass and neo magnets that are actually quite a bit more powerful than a traditional iron magnet. 

Want Bass?

The Cerwin Stroker SM8 has much more ruthlessly hard hitting bass than any other woofer including 10" subwoofers. And you can hear them at 80!

At American Hard Bag we have made a science out of getting big sound out of saddlebags. We are responsible for more thunderous, loud, hard hitting bikes than anyone. The key to getting loud bass that you can hear while you ride is to design the woofer system so that it plays at extreme volume levels down to 50 hz and then filter all bass below that frequency. 

Loud Highs

Not just a woofer. This is a full range speaker with an extremely wide dispersion. The mid and high frequency response of these woofers is purposely disproportionate. These speakers play louder as frequency rises. This makes it a perfect solution for saddlebags. Even pointing in at the wheel, these speakers sound crisp, loud, and crystal clear. This all adds a lot to the overall volume level and clarity of the entire sound system.   


  • 8” 3-Way Speaker System (Pair)
  • 500W MAX / 100W RMS Power Handling
  • Integrated RGB-LED Lighting
  • 25mm Titanium Dome Tweeter
  • IP65 Marine Grade Compliant Speciications, 100% UV Stable
  • Ultra-Small Neodymium Motor Structure With Max Xmax Suspension Design Ideal For Motorcycle Fairings
  • Radial Zip Ring (RZR) Cone For Expanded High Frequency Reproduction
  • High Temp Injection Molded Composite Basket With Proprietary Wire Management System
  • Thermal Molded, UV-Coated, Patent Pending Waterproof Composite Paper Cone
  • RPM-RGBLC Multi-Function RGB LED Lighting Remote Control Available
  • Black Grills Included (White Optional)


  • 8” 3-Way 25mm Titanium Dome Tweeter Speaker
  • 500W MAX / 100W RMS Power Handling
  • Mounting Diameter: 7.0” / 178mm
  • Mounting Depth: 3.03“ / 77mm


The SM8 speakers are a perfect addition to our Aggressor or Phase One series saddlebag woofer mounts. These speakers also work well as lid speakers though you should make sure that they will fit your lids before purchasing.

  • The outside diameter of the speaker without the grill is 211.5 mm
  • Outside dimension with the grill is 218 mm