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AX-DSP Bluetooth Hidden EQ

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Simple - Powerful - Bluetooth Setup

The all new AX-DSP is a spectacular way to integrate with the '14 and up Harley Davidson radios when using aftermarket amplifiers. This unit connects to the factory radio and makes adding aftermarket amplifiers a breeze. Note: this unit is also great with pre '14 and up bikes as well as aftermarket radios.

  • 31 Band EQ for Front, Rear, and Sub
  • Built in Distortion Detector Protects Your Speakers!
  • Adjustable Crossovers for Front, Rear, and Sub
  • Easy Bluetooth Setup by Phone or Tablet (Apple or Android)

The AX-DSP is the perfect plug and play solution for retaining the factory Harley Davidson radio when combined with our optional plug & play signal harnesses. The Harley specific harnesses have built in load resistors that keep the factory radio happy and lower distortion dramatically. The AX-DSP has a powerful EQ that can be used to counter the very poor equalization of the factory radio as well as add in your own equalization so that your new stereo system sounds just right. 

Built in Distortion Detector Saves Speakers!

This might be the best feature of the AX-DSP. The unit will detect distortion from the Harley radio and mute the speakers instead of frying them. Harley radios have a known issue with digital distortion at high volumes and when battery voltage drops. This feature actively monitors for this issue and avoids damage to your speakers. Additionally this feature is totally adjustable. You decide how sensitive this feature is set. 

Easy Bluetooth Setup

No need to connect to a computer. All setup is done by Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet with a free app. App available in the itunes or Google Play store. 

Step by step instructions can be found here.

Adjustable Crossovers

Adjustable crossovers for all channels means that you can make changes to your setup without having to take your fairing off! No need to use the crossovers on your amplifiers. Simply type in any frequency (or use the slider) and select high pass or low pass. Simple!

31 Band EQ X 3

Three separate 31 band graphic EQs. One for front, one for rear, and one for sub. 

Note: subwoofer output can be used for high pass and full range speakers as well. A common configuration would be to use the sub out for bag woofers, the rear out for lid speakers, and the front out for fairing speakers. Now you have a separate EQ for each zone. 


    • 31 band graphic EQ
    • 6 inputs and 6 outputs including front – rear and subwoofer
    • Selectable high and low level inputs
    • Front – rear and subwoofer outputs have an independent two-way crossover in-line with the EQ
    • Front and rear outputs can be delayed independently up to 10ms
    • Easy behind the radio installation
    • Can be used with OE and aftermarket radios
    • Clipping detection and limiting circuits
    • Settings adjusted via Bluetooth application compatible with both Android and Apple devices
    • Read – Write and Store your configuration for future recall.