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Saddlebag Aluminum Amp Rack for Arc Audio KS125.2


We Build Full Systems!

There are many more speakers, amplifiers, and kits to choose from than what you see here.

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Do It Right!

Mount one or two Arc Audio amplifiers in your bag without drilling any holes. Our amp racks are made of aircraft grade aluminum right here in the USA. Each rack comes with stainless steel hardware and a mounting plate that is bonded not bolted into your saddlebag. 

Available as either a single or as a double stack

The double stack version has a large notch that allows access to all of the adjustments on the lower amplifier. Precision machined aluminum risers position the second amplifier over the lower amplifier in such a way that it is easily serviceable.


The second layer can be purchased separately at a later date.

Works Well with Our Subwoofer Kits

The Arc 125.2 is the perfect amplifier for subwoofer applications due to is high output and BX2 technology. The BX2 allows exceptionally higher output over other amplifiers.

Works great with lid speakers and our saddlebag amplifier harnesses. 


Build time for this item is 10 business days.