Aggressor Pro Combo Diamond Micro2v2 500W Amplifier & Twin 8" Woofers


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Add Two 8" Woofers and a 500W Amplifier to Any Harley Bagger '98 & Up!

What Comes in the Kit:

  • 2 Aggressor Pro 80 twin 8" woofer mounting kits (one each bag)
  • Diamond Audio Micro2v2 500W amplifier 
  • Your choice of Diamond or Hertz woofers
  • Optional Plug & Play wire harness
  • Optional amplifier mounting rack 

The Woofer Mounting Kit

Adding big sound to your bags has never been easier. This kit comes with everything that you will need to properly add two 8" woofers and an amplifier to your bags without having to fabricate. The kit comes complete with powder coated steel grills, all American made stainless hardware, a CNC machined 1.5" thick polyethylene woofer mount, two router templates (for making perfect grill cutouts), generous amount of neoprene gasket.

The Woofers (your choice)

Diamond Audio HXM8

Our favorite woofer for this package is the HXM8. These woofers have an insanely high efficiency and off axis response. They reach unreal volume levels and sound great right out of the box without having to do a bunch of amp tweaking and equalization. Bass response of these woofers is the best we have ever seen in this kind of application. Hard hitting mid bass that you can feel in your bones and much deeper bass than other 8" woofers are capable of producing. These woofers are full range (40hz - 20Khz) with a super efficient over sized tweeter that sounds bright and lively even when pointing in at the wheel. 

  • Best bass response
  • Best sound over all
  • Very light weight
  • Waterproof
  • Neodymium magnet motor is more powerful than iron magnets found on other speakers but is much smaller and lighter weight.This leaves more room in the bags.

Hertz SV200.1

The Hertz SV200.1 woofers are the dominant choice for sound off competitions. These woofers use a traditional pro audio design with an iron motor structure designed to endure high temperatures caused by very high power levels for extended lengths of play time. These woofers are a bit more complex to setup for sound quality and are typically paired with Hertz ST25 or ST35 compression horn tweeters (also available). 

  • High temp voice coil 
  • Popular for SPL competitions
  • Not waterproof

The Amplifier

The included amplifier is a Diamond Audio Micro2v2. This amplifier is more than powerful enough to get maximum performance out of your new 8" woofer system.     

  • RMS Power Rating
    • RMS Power (2Ω): 250W X 2
    • RMS Power (4Ω): 150W X 2
    • Bridged (mono 1Ω): N/A
    • Bridged (mono 2Ω): N/A
    • Bridged (mono 4Ω): 500W
  • Dimensions
  • Length x Width x Height (Inches): 7.89 x 4.0 x 1.46
  • Length x Width x Height (mm): 200.5 x 103 x 37.2

Optional Parts

Depending on your current audio system configuration and the year of your bike the following items can be added to your order to get you everything that you will need for a full installation. 

 Add Compression Tweeter Horns

Add the ST25. The most popular compression horn on the market with an. Or step up to the ST35 compression horn with a larger 35mm diaphragm. 

 Hertz Compression Horn Tweeters

Note: ST25 or ST35 horns can be added to either woofer set but the Diamond HXM8 woofers already have oversized tweeters built into them. The Hertz woofers on the other hand need the compression horns in order to produce high frequencies. 

Add a Plug & Play Amplifier Wire Harness and Amplifier Mounting Rack for Saddlebags.

Add all of the wire harnesses and an amplifier mounting rack to make your woofer system complete. If your bike is a '14 and up model, we even add the correct plug and play adapters to make this kit compatible with your factory radio!