Aggressor Pro 880 Twin 8" Full-Range Woofer Mount for Harley Davidson Baggers


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Add up to four 8" full range woofers to your Harley Bagger with the Aggressor Pro 880 kit. This kit makes mounting two 8" speakers in each saddlebag quick, easy, and clean. Precision machined entirely from high density plastic with steel threaded mounting points, this kit adds the structural integrity needed to support 2 high power speakers. Complete with powder coated pressed steel grills and all stainless steel hardware, this kit guarantees a spectacular end result. 

The Wall of Sound

Due to the exceptionally large amount of cone surface area, excursion, and efficiency that four 8" pro audio speakers have to offer, this kit delivers much more output than can be achieved with other speaker arrangements, such as two 6x9s alone. 

Exceptional Sound Quality 

Clear undistorted output. Made specifically for pro audio type speakers (not subwoofers). Because pro audio speakers are designed to play clearly at extreme volume levels for hours on end, pro audio speakers are much less stressed than a car audio type speaker in this application. Car audio type speakers do have their place, but just can't compare in this kind of application. Drum strikes have a profound amount of force that you can feel just like live music. Much more dramatic than even very high end home or car audio systems typically can deliver. 


Totally Stealth

This kit can be used with or without lid speakers. This kit is much louder than lid speakers alone. This means that you can build a system that is totally stealth if you like. No visual queues that your bike even has a sound system, yet you have "melt your face off" loud sound. 

Works with Lid Speakers

This kit does work well with lid speakers. The woofers sit plenty low enough in the bag to clear large 6x9s or 8.8" lids. Also works with dual 6x9 lids. 

Works with 2014 & up Bags as Well as with 2013 & down Bags

One kit fits equally well with all modern baggers from '98 on up. Does not work with soft or switchback bags. 

Water Proof

Waterproof100% waterproof design. Machined from high density polyethylene and equipped with stainless hardware and generous gasketing, this kit can take all of the rain water that you can throw at it.








Recommended Speakers


Several speakers are a direct bolt on fit for these mounts. Our favorite speaker for this kit is the Diamond Audio HXM8. These speakers have all of the desirable characteristics of a great pro audio speaker but also offer several additional benefits that make them the clear choice for this application.

  • IP65 Marine Grade, Water Proof
  • Lightweight Neodymium Magnet. Much more powerful than traditional iron magnets yet much smaller.
  • Kevlar Cone. Very high output SPL design.
  • Full Range Sound with 1" Titanium Dome Tweeter

Also Works Well with Hertz SPL and Memphis Mojo Speakers

Hertz SPL Memphis Mojo


Sold as either a single side kit (left, or right, 2 woofers total) or as a double kit (left & right 4 woofers total).

Recommended speakers:

Diamond Audio HXM8

Also works with:

Hertz SPL SV200.1 & SV200L

Memphis Mojo 8

Fits all Harley hard bags '98 - Current including aftermarket bags (will not fit soft or Switchback bags)