Adjustable RCA Signal Module for '14 & Up Harley and Victory Cross Country Factory Radios


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Perfect for '14 & up Bikes When Using the Factory Radio.

What This Part Does

  • This part is a signal voltage divider. It reduces RCA signal voltage
  • 2 channel in and 2 channel out with RCA type connectors for both input and output. If you plan on using both front and rear output from your radio, you will need two of these modules. 

What This Part Does Not Do

  • This part does not add a load to the radio. You will also need our '14 and up plug and play signal harness to perform that function. 

Perfect for '14 & Up Factory Radio Integration

This module gives you the option to lower the signal voltage from your factory radio to a more suitable level that will not clip the inputs of your amplifier. This is a critical option to have for some amplifiers. Running too high of a signal voltage into an amplifiers inputs can be damaging to your speakers and amplifier. Not to mention it doesn't sound good. 

This module should be used in conjunction with our "14 & up Harley plug & play adapter kits. Most amplifiers will benefit from using both of these parts together. 

Many modern class D amplifiers not have differential inputs. This means that you can run a speaker level signal directly into the RCA inputs. This makes integration with factory radios (no RCA outputs) easy. However, sometimes the signal is just too high. When a class D amplifier clips (distorts) the result is much more damaging to your speakers than it would be with a traditional class A/B amplifier. 

Whats Included

  • Adjustable RCA Signal Module
  • 2 Adjustment Tools

Whats Not Included

  • RCAs
  • RCA to Speaker Wire Adapter