8 Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kit for Fairing Mounted Amplifiers


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There are many more speakers, amplifiers, and kits to choose from than what you see here.

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FitmentFitment: This wire harness will work with all Harley touring bikes '98 & up with a fairing mounted amplifier. 

This amp kit comes complete with all the cabling, speaker wires, terminals, disconnects, and fuse blocks needed to perform a quality installation, except for RCA interconnects. Perfect for wiring many of the more popular amplifiers including:

  • Hertz HMP 4D
  • Arc KS125.2
  • Arc Moto 600.4
  • JL XD400/4
  • JL XD200/2
  • JL HX280/4
  • Diamond Micro Series
  • Rockford Fosgate Power & PBR Series
  • Soundstream
  • Many more...

What We like about This Kit

We like that this kit comes with a waterproof 8 gauge fuse holder that uses MIDI style fuses for superior current transfer and reliability. Furthermore this fuse holder is compact and very friendly to mount. All of the wire runs are blacked out with nice looking braided loom and heat shrunk at each end.  

Nice Extras

The kit comes with a couple of nice bonus parts.

  • Large sheet of hook and loop mounting pad. This is a simple and very effective way of mounting many micro amplifiers.
  • Load resistors included. Some of the Harley Harman Kardon  radios require a resistive load on the speaker outputs. If there is no resistive load, the output will be distorted and can ultimately damage the radio components internally.