5x7 to 6x9 Speaker Adapter Set for '14 & Up Harley Speaker Lids


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Don't Settle for the 5x7's When You Can Have 6x9's in your Factory Harley Speaker Lids!

  • American-Made Stainless Steel and Aluminum Hardware
  • Adapter design strength is 20X stronger than other two piece adapters
  • Built for larger, high performance speakers
  • Optional front speaker spacer for 6x9's that do not have one incorporated or included
  • 5 Year Warranty
100% Made In America
Made in USA Seal

Benefits of This Kit:

This kit allows you to use factory speaker lids. This means factory fit and finish. If you do not already have factory speaker lids, they can be purchased directly from Harley for a very reasonable price. Additionally you can purchase the lids in any factory Harley paint color! Or you can by them paint ready. 

Installation notes: (Please Review)

Please Note: This kit will not work with CVO electronic lid lock mechanisms

This kit requires modification of your factory speaker lids. The integrated plastic basket on the underside of the speaker lid must be cut off and ground down to create a flat mounting surface for the adapter to mount on. This is done quickly and easily with a Roloc disc and a die grinder. 

This kit includes (8) eight aluminum threaded nutserts. A nutsert tool with an 8-32 insert is required to complete installation. If you do not have a nutsert tool, one can be added to this kit for an additional $25. 

6x9 Spacer

This adapter set assumes that the new 6x9 speaker will have a spacer mounted to the front of the speaker large enough to make clearance for the speaker's movement (most 6x9 speakers do, but not all). Optionally, a 1/2" spacer can be added to this kit. 

Full installation guide can be found here.