2014+ Harley Speaker & Saddlebag Lid Combo with Velocity RZ69H Horn 6x9 SKU: LIDS-SPK-14-PR-RZ69H



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This combo kit bundles the Velocity RZ690H coax horn 6x9 speakers with the very best 6x9 speaker lids out there. This combo is an excellent way to get big bolt-on performance. 

This kit is based on the Velocity RZ69H 6x9 speaker. The RZ69H is our favorite speaker to use when top-level performance is needed but complex tuning needs to be avoided. All speakers can benefit from a good EQ but these speakers sound really great right out of the box without having to spend a lot of time tuning. This is because we designed the horn on the is speaker to be level matched with the woofer. Additionally, the horn tweeters on these speakers play higher in frequency than most horns and they do not have the unpleasant ring that bullet-style horns are known for. 

Designed to Perform in a Saddlebag Lid
We designed the RZ69H speakers to take full advantage of a saddlebag as a speaker enclosure. This results in a sharp hard-hitting mid-bass response that people really like. We also designed the horn tweeter on the RZ69H so that it sounds great off-axis (in the lid pointed up). This way the speaker delivers a big wall of sound that is enjoyable on long rides and has the power to wow a crowd. 

Velocity RZ69H speakers are the best of both worlds
Ultra-high output, and smooth frequency response. Very high efficiency means that you get more output for every watt. We recommend a minimum of 70 RMS watts per speaker but they will accept up to 300 watts each at peak. 

Pro Tune Kit Included!

This speaker kit includes a Pro Tuning kit. This dramatically simplifies tuning your Harley sound system by giving you an accurate visual display of what your sound system is doing in real time. See the video for more information.

The Pro Tune kit comes with
  • A test microphone with calibration file
  • A USB drive that is loaded with a test track for the microphone
  • A microphone selfie stick adapter to hold the microphone in the correct position

Product Description

This Item Currently Has a 1 Week Lead Time Before Shipping Due to Manufacturing CNC machining, & processing.


  • Compatible Year - 2014+
  • Compatible Model - Street Glide, Road Glide, Ultra Glide, Electra Glide, Road King
  • Location - Lid
  • Additional Adapter Required - No
  • Modification Required - No
  • Plug & Play - N0
  • Works with Electric Lid Locks - Yes

Speaker wire harness for the bags with waterproof quick disconnects can be found here.

Installation Notes:
Requires some assembly. Speaker terminals are standard aftermarket and are not directly plug and play with factory speaker wiring. Made for use with aftermarket amplifiers. A digital sound processor in your system for tuning is always recommended. Though the RZ69H speakers require much less equalization than all other pro-audio type speakers. The RZ69H speakers are designed to endure heavy moister but should not be left in the rain. It is recommended that you purchase rain covers for your lids with these speakers. Water will not hurt the speaker as long as the lid is opened and dumped out in a reasonable amount of time and not left to sit. 

About Grill Alignment & Gapping for Paint

We take a lot of pride in the fit and finish of our lids. The speaker grills are a fine steel mesh with plastic trim. The grills look and fit much better than the grills of other aftermarket speaker lids. However, a plastic trim on a plastic lid will always have some small variations in fitment. Plastic parts are not like sheet metal panels. The plastic trim may require some adjustments if you are looking for show-stopping laser-perfect gaps. Keep this in mind when planning your paintwork because this is the perfect time to address this. 


2 Year Warranty - 3 Year if Installed by an Authorized Velocity Dealer


Very High Level Performance

Road Glide

Street Glide

Not the Same as Other Aftermarket Lids

  • Waterproof. These lids are waterproof. Most all aftermarket lids leak where the grills mount to the lid. These do not. 
  • Airtight. No leaks around the grill and they come with new quality rubber gaskets. 
  • Steel Grills, not Plastic. The included speaker grills are steel mesh that is much nicer looking than the typical plastic.
  • Works With All Factory Hardware. Your factory hinges, locks, and latches all fit perfectly.
  • Rigid Construction. Many of the aftermarket lids are flimsy and just poorly made. These lids are just like the factory lids and have much better fitment than what you typically will find.  
  • Low Profile Speaker Mounting. These lids tuck the 6x9 high up in the lid so that the lid speakers don't eat up your bag space. Most aftermarket 6x9 lids use a deep cone adapter that positions the 6x9 way lower in the lid than it should be. 
  • Paint These lids are paint-ready, and can be painted in any color. 
  • Extreme Hard-Hitting Mid-Bass
    • Smooth Extended High-Frequency Range
    • Ultra Loud and Very Efficient
    • Light Weight, and Doesn't Hog Up Your Bag Space


  • Sensitivity: 101db 1W/1M
  • Frequency Response: 80hz - 20khz
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • RMS/Max: 300W/600W (pair)
  • Mounting Depth: 3.75"
  • Total Depth: 4"

What's Included

  • (1) Pair Velocity RZ69H Coax Horn 6x9" Speakers
  • (1) Pair Passive Crossover Networks
  • (1) Pair Velocity premium Saddlebag Speaker Lids
  • Neoprene Speaker Gasket 
  • Stainless Steel fasteners throughout 
  • Pro Tune Kit!

What's Not Included

  • Primer and Bodywork - Paint Ready parts still require proper preparation and possibly adjustments before spraying.