2 pin Molex Parallel adapter for Speakers SKU: VWH-P-T



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Used to connect upper fairing speakers to lower fairng speakers in parallel with eachother on two amplifier channels. Plug and play with American Hard Bag and Velocity speaker wire harnesses. 

Product Description

2 Female to One Male

This set of adapters allows you to connect lowers in parallel with your fairing speakers so that you can run both pairs of speakers on just two channels of an amplifier. Assuming you have an amplifier that is 2 Ohm stable and both pairs of speakers are 4 Ohms, you should be able to double the output of your amplifier and successfully supply each of the four speakers with the same amount of amplifier power with no loss. This works well for the Velocity RZA500.2 amplifier and Velocity OverDrive or RZ65H speakers. 

Note: Not all amplifiers will double power at 2 Ohms. Check your amplifiers specifications or call us for more information 1(888)311-0016


  • All American Hard Bag and Velocity Speaker Design speaker wire harnesses with 2 pin Molex MX150 series connectors


5 Year


Water Proof

Road Glide

Street Glide


  • 100% OFC 16 Gauge
  • Molex

What's Included

1 Pair of Parallel T Adapters