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'14 & Up Ultimate Integration Combo


We Build Full Systems!

There are many more speakers, amplifiers, and kits to choose from than what you see here.

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The very best kit on the market for making your factory Harley radio loud and proud!

Fitment: '14 - current Street Glide, Electra Glide, Road Glide.
CVO and Sceamin' Eagle models may require additional parts (call for info).

This Package Is a No Compromise Plug & Play Solution.

This kit is designed to give you all of the parts to do the job right. Why build a nice audio system and have it choked off by the factory radio? There are several ways to connect an aftermarket system to the factory radio, but most seriously compromise sound quality. This package is a no compromise plug & play solution. 

This kit comes with all of the integration parts that you will need to add a 4 speaker high power sound system to your Harley using the factory radio. And it is expandable for bigger systems.

  • Arc Audio 6 Channel Digital Sound Processor (EQ)
  • Plug & Play Output Plugs for Harley Radio & Speaker Input Plugs for Front Enclosures
  • RCA line level attenuation module
  • Scosche 8 Gauge Amplifier Power Kit
  • Split Backbone Saddlebag Speaker Harness (quick disconnect for bags)

Don't Settle for Factory Tone Controls!

Arc Audio PSMUSB

The included Arc Audio PSM (sound processor) adds 6 channels of equalization, digital crossovers, and digital time delay to your factory radio. Programmable via USB. This unit is tiny and easily fits in the fairing along with any fairing mountable amplifier with room to spare. 

Analog Inputs 6 Ch. Differential in (RCA or Speaker Level In)
Digital Inputs None
Input Sensitivity (Low Level) 40mV - 4V RMS
Input Sensitivity (Speaker Level) 120mV - 12V RMS
Autosense Turn-On Yes
Outputs (RCA) 6 Channels
Output Voltage Up to 8 Volts
Frequency Response 20Hz - 22kHz
Operating Voltage 9V - 17.0V (Start/Stop compliance to 6V)
Interface Windows OS 8.0 or Higher Required (Not compatible with MAC)
Equalization Parametric 42 bands (7 per channel) w/ adjustable Q and Freq
Equalization Resolution 1/10th db per step +24dB / -24dB
Signal Delay Up to 5ms per channel in .02ms per step
Crossovers AP/HP/LP/BP all channels (selectable frequency from 20Hz - 20kHz)
Crossover Type Butterworth (all channels)



RCA Line Level Attenuation Module 

Included in this kit is an RCA line level attenuation module. This little gem allows you to get full volume range out of your factory radio without over driving the amplifier. A lot of guys out there settle for only half volume on the radio before the radio starts to clip the amplifier inputs. This module eliminates that issue. With RCA inputs and RCA outputs, installation couldn't be easier. 

Plug & Play Radio and Speaker Connectors with Load Compensation

This kit includes plug and play connections to connect your factory radio to your new aftermarket amplifier as well as plug & play connectors for your factory speaker enclosures. We use genuine Molex brand connectors just like your factory Harley harness uses. The radio connector assembly includes load resistors that dramatically reduce distortion and improve the sound quality of your factory radio. 

Split Backbone Speaker Harness for Saddlebag Speakers

This kit comes with a new speaker harness for saddlebag speakers. The speaker harness has water tight quick disconnects for each saddlebag as well as stainless steel chrome wire inlets for each bag as shown below. 

Scosche Premium 8 Gauge Amplifier Power Kit

This is our favorite power kit for fairing mounted amplifiers. Premium high strand OFC power cable with mini ANL fuse holder and chrome ring terminals already in place. This kit is beautifully loomed and heat shrunk for you. 

  • Amplifier mounting pad included
  • Tons of extras (zip ties, speaker terminals, Allen tools, loomed speaker wire)
  • Waterproof fuse holder that is very friendly to mount


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