'14 & Up Harley Plug & Play Signal Harness for Aftermarket Amplifiers


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Plug and play adapter allows for an aftermarket amplifier to be connected to the factory radio on '14 & up Harley baggers (Road Glide, Electra Glide, Street Glide).

The factory radios on these bikes do not have traditional RCA type outputs. This harness plugs directly into the factory Harley radio harness and gives you two RCA outputs (Left Front & Right Front). Additionally this harness contains two resistors that show the factory radio a  resistive load that mimics the load of the factory speaker. This load dramatically reduces distortion from the factory radio and allows for a much greater usable range on the radio volume control. Without this resistive load the radio will clip and produce a signal that will be very hard on aftermarket amplifiers and speakers. This can result in damaged equipment (blown speakers!).

This harness allows a factory Harley radio to produce a clean, high quality, and distortion free audio signal that rivals many aftermarket radios. 

Speaker Input Plugs

Speaker input plugs are also included in this kit that will allow you to run your aftermarket amplifier speaker output directly into the factory Harley speaker enclosures without any cutting of the factory harness. We use genuine Molex brand connectors just like the factory equipment. These connectors are watertight and a direct fit. 

Available for Front or Rear Speaker Outputs

Note: If your bike is flashed for front & rear speakers and no Harley amp, (recommended) you will need both front and rear plug and play kits whether you use the rear outputs of your radio or not. Otherwise you will get a distorted output from the radio.

If your bike only came with front speakers, there is an unused rear speaker output plug located behind the factory radio that can be used with our rear signal harness. Your bike can then be flashed for 4 speaker output and the fader function will appear on your radio. 

We make this kit for both front and rear (front shown in pictures). If your bike is flashed for only two speakers you will not be able to use our rear speaker output kit unless you have your radio re-flashed for four speaker output and no factory amplifiers. If your bike originally only came with fairing speakers, then your bike is only flashed for two speaker output. If your bike is flashed for factory amplifiers, you will only be able to use the radio's front speaker output. This is because the fader function (front to rear) is done within the factory amplifiers. The fader function will not work without the factory amplifiers in play. Using both front and rear plug & play harnesses would be pointless unless you flash your bike for 4 speaker output and no amplifiers.

Perfect for most aftermarket amplifiers that are designed for use with speaker level inputs with RCA type connectors. 

This type of input is called "differential inputs". Many popular amplifiers use this type of input.

  • Diamond Audio HXM & Micro series amplifiers
  • Arc Audio KS & Moto series amplifiers
  • Rockford Power & Punch series motorcycle amplifiers
  • JL Audio HX, MHX, MX, XD, HD series amplifiers

If you don't know if your amplifier has differential inputs, you can give us a call and we can tell you. We are familiar with most all popular amplifiers and can find out about any amplifier for you.  

This is not a high to low level converter. 

Although this harness will convert the speaker level signal to RCA and present the radio with a resistive load, the signal is still high level. Your amplifier will need to be capable of accepting a speaker level signal or you will need to also use a high to low level converter. We do have high to low level signal converters for amplifiers that do not have differential inputs. Give us a call to order them 1(916) 823-5256.

Signal Reducer for '14 & Up

Adjustable RCA Signal ModuleWe offer a variable signal reducer that will knock down the signal voltage. This is highly recommended. The signal voltage reducer can be used in conjunction with the '14 plug and play harness and is sold as a separate part. The signal reducer is generally not needed if your radio has been flashed for a factory amplifier. This is because a flash for a factory amplifier will lower the signal voltage coming out of the radio. Many of the newer bikes however will not allow for a flash that includes a factory amplifier when the factory amplifier is not actually present. That is when this signal reducer is the magical cure.

Click here to go to the "Signal Reducer" page.



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