1/4"-Wide Speaker Gasket for Harley Systems SKU: IP-GASKET



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Substantially Increase Your Speakers Power Handling!

All speakers should always have gaskets applied for the best performance. In the lids, the gasket keeps the water out. Using a gasket to seal the speaker enclosures can substantially increase the speakers' power handling in the fairing. The speaker's mounting points and gaskets can make the speakers much punchier and positively affect the mid-bass response in the lowers sealing.

We have our speaker gasket made just for us. Although regular weather stripping that you can find at your local hardware store will work, it can be hard to find the correct width and thickness. Additionally, we have found that the adhesive of weather stripping gets slimy in the heat, and the weatherstripping will wiggle its way out from between two compressed surfaces.

The adhesive on our gasket is very aggressive so that it stays in place once applied. The gasket is 1/8" thick, which gives it just the right amount of thickness to seal almost any two surfaces together, but is thin enough not to cause fitment issues. The 1/4" width is also ideal. Finding 1/4" wide weather stripping at a hardware store is nearly impossible.


  • Compatible Year - All
  • Compatible Model - All
  • Location - All
  • Additional Adapter Required - None
  • Modification Required - No
  • Plug & Play - N/A
  • Works with Electric Lid Locks - N/A


Water Proof

Extreme Level Performance

Road Glide

Street Glide

HERE you will find an article explaining how to and what the benefits are when using our gasket on the fairing enclosures of all 2014 - Present bikes.


  • Length: 12'
  • Width: 1/4"
  • Thickness: 1/8"
  • Material: Closed Cell Neoprene, Single-sided adhesive
  • Waterproof

What's Included

12' of single-side adhesive,  neoprene gasket