Victory Aggressor 880 Twin 8" Woofer Installation

Victory Aggressor 8" Woofer Adapter Kit

Step 1.

Remove the saddlebag from the bike and remove the lid and all hardware.

Use a quality tape designed for delicate surfaces to mask off the painted surface on the outside of the bag. We recommend 3M EdgeLock tape. 

Victory Cross Country saddlebag taped off

Step 2. 

Remove the grill retaining ring and grills from your Aggressor woofer kit.

There are a number of philips fasteners that hold the grill retaining ring onto the woofer mount. The two grills are clamped in place between the woofer mount and the grill retaining ring.

Remove the grill ring 


Step 3.

Now place the woofer mount into the bag and align it center of the two bag fastener points.

Note: You can tell the difference between the left and right mounts by looking at the notches. The notch that is highest is the front and the notch that is the lowest is the rear. 

Mount diagram


Center the mount in the bag

Note the position of all four threaded mounting points of the woofer mount. Place a piece of masking tape behind each mounting point and then put the woofer mount back in place, centered between the two fastener points of the bag. 

Mark the mounting locations

Next mark each of the four mounting points by inserting an 1/8" drill bit through each threaded fastener and twisting by hand. This will leave a mark on the tape that is easy to see. Make sure that the mount does not move around. 

Mark each hole with a 1/8" drill bit

Marked hole

Step 4.

Use and angle adapter and a 1/8" hex drive drill bit to drill through all four mounting points. Don't let your drill bit walk around.

You want these holes to be lined up as accurately as possible. If you do not have an angle adapter for your power drill, you can find them at your local hardware store for about $20. 

Use angle drill

Next enlarge these same four holes by re-drilling them from the outside with a 3/16" drill bit.

Re-drill with 3/16" drill bit

Step 5. 

Use the supplied template mounting hardware to bolt the router template onto the outside of the bag.

The router templates are marked "R and L" to indicate which template should be used with which bag. 

Note that on the right side bag the woofer grill hole will go right through the iPod pass through hole. You will need to relocate the iPod cable to another spot in the bag after the woofer mount is in place. 

Right and left side templates are marked

Step 6.

In this step you will use a jigsaw to rough cut the openings for the woofer grills and the tweeter.

Use a large drill bit to make a starting hole for each. 

Note: If you opt not to install a separate tweeter because your woofers have them built in, do not drill, cut , or router out the tweeter hole.

Drill a starting hole

Be sure to leave some space between the edge of the template and the outside edge of your starting hole. When you cut the woofer grill and tweeter holes with a jigsaw, you want to leave 1/8" to 1/4" of material around the entire perimeter. Do not cut right up to the template!

Use a jigsaw to rough cut the openings

Once the openings have been rough cut with a jigsaw, use a flush trim bit on a handheld trim router to finish each hole. You will end up with a laser perfect result every time. 

Step 7. 

Cut the some of the supplied memory foam gasket into small pieces slightly larger than each of the low points around the grill and tweeter holes.

Pinch the gasket slightly and apply. The memory foam gasket will slowly expand and conform to the shape of the grooves in the bag. 

Cut the memory foam


In the right bag only, cut a piece of foam to cover over the iPod cable hole. You will need to relocate your cable to another point in the bag. 

Cover the iPod pass through hole

Each of these little chunks of memory foam will collapse and conform perfectly between the woofer mont and the curve of the bag.

Step 8.

Use the remainder of the memory foam gasket around the woofer grill but leave the tweeter hole uncovered unless you will not be using a separate tweeter. 

Gasket around the woofer grill

Cut the gasket away from the four mounting points of the woofer mount as well as around the two fastener points of the saddlebag. Carefully trim the gasket back about 3/16" around the saddlebag fastening points with a razor blade. The gasket will squish outward when compressed. The finished product will look nicer if the gasket is not protruding from the woofer mount. 

 Trim around saddlebag fastener points

Trim gasket away from the woofer mount fastening points

Install the bullet tweeter and use the smaller supplied gasket. 

Tweeter gasket

Step 9. 

Remove the router template and reuse the template mounting screws to mount the entire assembly into the bag.

Evenly draw the woofer mount into the bag by tightening the four screws down.   

 Use the four template screws to draw the woofer mount down into place

Woofer mount in place

Step 10.

Now that the woofer mount is sealed in place, remove the long template screws and replace with the shorter stainless woofer mount screws one at a time.

make sure that the screws are tight enough that the woofer mount is properly drawn into the bag, but not over tightened to the point that the bag losses its curve. If the mount crews are over tightened, the bag can become distorted in shape so that the lid will not properly close once installed.


Your installation is complete. You now have the best performing and loudest set of speakers in the world made for a Victory Cross Country.