Please Note: This kit will not work with CVO electronic lid lock mechanisms.

Step 1

Tape off the entire painted surface of your speaker lids to protect them while you work. Remove all lid hardware and latching mechanism.

Step 2

Cut the plastic basket off of the underside of the lid. You want a flat mounting surface for the adapter to bolt up to. Do not grind off the four mounting points for the factory speaker grill. Be very careful of the painted surface of the lid. It is easy to damage. Use small cutters to remove the last of the basket where a grinder will not fit.

Step 3

Enlarge the factory 5x7 speaker mounting holes with a 17/64" drill bit. Insert the supplied aluminum nutserts from the top side of the lid and squeeze each with a proper nutsert tool. Do not over squeeze! These are not pop rivets.

Step 4

Now that the threaded inserts are in place, test fit the adapter. Notice that one of the mounting ears has a flat spot. This is the rear outside mounting point. This is opposite of the latch side of the lid. The speaker adapter will fit over the protruding nutserts and lock into position. Care needs to be taken so that the stainless fasteners do not cross thread when screwed into the aluminum nutserts in this kit. Always start these by hand.

Step 5

Remove the speaker adapter and apply gasket to the side that mates up with the bottom of the lid. Also gasket the side that mates up with the speaker. Now use the supplied 1.25” long flat Philips head screws (black Allens shown in picture) to secure the 6x9 adapter to the speaker lid.

Step 6

Now it's time to assemble the horn mounting hardware. Locate the horn ring and both triangular side brackets as well as four 5⁄8” long flat Phillips head screws.

Assemble the horn bracket with the larger side of the ring pointed down.

Install the horn in the bracket.

Load the horn assembly into the X bracket.

Note that the rear of the horn should face the wire channels on the underside of the X bracket as shown below. It is a good idea to use a small amount of blue thread locker on the outside ring.

Secure the horn assembly into the X bracket with eight 5⁄8” long flat Phillips head screws.

Step 7

Locate the horn harnesses. There is a pair of male and female for each horn. Use the side with the male pins to wire the horn. The wire can be tucked away in the wire channel. The heat shrink can be used to conceal the speaker wire. The wire should be routed so that it will be running towards the hinge side of the lid. Note: the front inside (closest to the seat) leg of the bracket looks different thanthe other 3 legs. Be sure to not over tighten the terminals on the horn​. Never use tools to tighten them down. If over tightened the terminal can break inside the horn. With Hertz brand horns, use the included rubber caps over the terminals so that the terminal nuts do not vibrate loose. The hole marked “Inside Front Corner” should be at the front of the lid closest to the seat. The smaller locating holes will be positioned over the ends of the screws that hold the 6x9 adapter in place from under the lid. The larger mounting holes are used as drill guides for the X bracket mounting hardware.

Step 8

Arrange the horn bracket over the speaker opening on the lid so that the 4 smaller holes are over the screws protruding out of the lid that hold the 6x9 adapter to the lid. The 4 smaller holes in the X bracket are there to locate the bracket in the correct position. The 4 larger holes on the X bracket are there to mount the X bracket to the lid.

Use a 17/64” drill bit to drill through the larger mounting holes and through thespeaker lid. Once these 4 holes are drilled, remove the X bracket and remove the 6x9 adapter from the bottom side of the lid. Use a nutsert tool to slightly squeeze 4 of the supplied aluminum nutserts. You want to make them bulge just enough so that they will be a tight fit into the holes we just drilled into the speaker lid. These nutserts should be put in from the bottom side of the lid so that they protrude out of the top of the lid.

Step 9

Now install the factory speaker grill onto the lid. Reinstall the 6x9 adapter to the bottom of the lid. Be sure to route the tweeter speaker wires through the notch in the top side of the 6x9 adapter. Use extra speaker gasket to ensure that this area of the 6x9 adapter makes an airtight seal against the lid with the wire passing through it.Step 10Note: most 6x9 speakers have an integrated plastic spacer ring, or include one in the box so that the speaker can be rear mounted and the cone surround will not hit the mounting surface. If your speaker does not have a spacer ring, use the 1⁄2” spacer supplied with this kit. Be sure to also gasket the spacer as well.If using the Hybrid Technologies U69-S speaker with this kit, the 1⁄2” spacer will be required.

Tweeter ConnectionIf you will be driving your horn tweeters with dedicated amplifier channels, connect the female side of the tweeter harness directly to the amplifier output. If you will be driving both the 6x9 as well as the horn tweeter with a single amplifier channel, solder the supplied capacitor/crossover in line with thehorn tweeter and then connect to the 6x9 mid driver in parallel.You're done!