Speaker & Amplifier Fitment for Modern Harley Davidson Bagger Years and Models Explained

When It Comes to Installing Stereos and considering Fitment There Are Only 5 Different Bikes (Baggers) That Harley Makes. 

There are two fairing arrangements, one model with no fairing and two major  generations of modern Harley Davidson touring bikes (Baggers). There are of course several levels of trim and options for each of these bikes but what we are primarily concerned with is the fairing. The rest of the bike is basically the same for all of these models with the slight exception of Ultra models, but we will get into that a bit latter. 

There are two fairing types:

The first of these is the Road Glide (shark nose). the road glide has two headlights instead of just one, and the fairing is attached to the bikes frame and not the handlebars. 

There are two major generations of this bike. 

The '98 - '13 has 4 small gauges in the fairing and two large gauges attached to the bars. It is easy to spot this generation because the latter '15 & up Road Glides only have two small gauges and the radio on the '98 - '13 is quite a bit smaller in size.

Shark Nose  


The radio on this generation should always be replaced if your ultimate goal is an impressive sound system. The factory radio can be retained with an aftermarket sound system but will always be the bottleneck of the audio. Bolt in radio installation kits with plug & play hand control module and a weather cover for the radio are relatively inexpensive and readily available. Only single DIN size radios will fit this fairing. 

Fairing Speakers