Rockford Fosgate DSR-1

There are a lot of great sound processors out there these days, the new Rockford DSR-1 really stands out as a perfect fit for Harley Davidson applications.

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Small Footprint

This little guy will fit in any fairing. That makes life a lot simpler when it comes time to install. All other processors that we know of that even approach this level of performance are too large to fit in the fairing.  

Basic Tuning & Advanced Tuning Modes Keeps Things Simple

Rockford Fosgate DSR-1 Screenshot1In advanced mode however you get three full quasi parametric 31 band EQs (front, rear, subs), 6 channel digital crossovers with bandpass capabilities, and incremental digital time alignment. With two modes of operation Rockford has made a single unit that will appeal to both power users as well as novice users. In basic mode the DSR-1 is just a7 band graphic equalizer with no crossover or time alignment features. A novice user can simply use the crossovers built into their amplifiers and skip time alignment all together. 

Tip: If you use the time alignment feature to add equal amounts of delay to all of the front speakers, you can make your bag speakers sound like they are up front. This results in  a much bolder sound experience. 

Perfect for Big and Small Systems

The DSR-1 input and output configurations are very straightforward and can be kept as simple as 2 channel in and 2 channel out, or you can take advantage of all 6 channels of equalization, crossovers, and time alignment to fine tune a monster sized system. 

Harley Davidson Stereo System 

Works Great with Factory Harley Radios

In particular the Harley Davidson '14 and up radios. The DSR-1 has 4 channel high level signal inputs that are ideal for the factory Harley radios. We even sell plug and play adapters that allow you to install this little guy without having to cut any harnesses! We sell plug and play kits for both front and rear signal. 

14 and up plug and play Harley Davidson radio adapter

Priced Right

It's rare that you will ever find me sighting price a s a reason to choose equipment. The DSR-1 however really shines and happens to come in at a very reasonable $329.99. That brings the DSR-1 within reach for a lot of people and is a whole lot of bang for the buck. 

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USB Update

Rockford Fosgate teamed up with IData Link to develope the DSR-1. IData Link is a company that traditionally manufactures digital interface devices for car alarms and factory car radios. It was smart for Rockford to team up with an industry giant like IData Link. Consequently the DSR-1 is updatable via USB. As Rockford developes new features they will release updates. This might not seem like a  big deal on the surface, but I can tell you that I have seen a sickening amount of sound processors that have problems that are only discovered after the product has hit the market. Being able to update is a valuable tool that benefits both the manufacturer as well as the end user. 

The power of a Parametric EQ

parametric equalizers are often overlooked and not used properly. Most people are familiar with how a graphic EQ works. You have a number of slidders that correspond to different frequencies that you can boost or cut to get the sound you want. A parametric EQ goes a step farther by letting you select the center frequency of each slider. This is a much more powerful too in the correct hands. Additionally with a parametric EQ you can also select how much of the effect each slider will have on surrounding frequencies that are above or below it. This is called the Q factor. You can make this number higher so that very little of the surrounding frequencies are affected. 

Below is an example of 1000 hz being cut with a very high Q number (Q = 9.420). 

High Q

Below is an example of the same frequency (1000 hz) cut at the same amount (18db) but with a very low Q number (Q = 0.420).

Low (Wide) Q adjustment

As you can see, with a low Q number a lot more of the surrounding frequencies are affected. You can use the Q adjustment to either target a very specific frequency range or to target a sweeping wide range of frequencies. 

 It Gets Better!

Support by TextQuite possibly the best feature of this processor is that all of your settings can be saved on your smartphone and emailed or texted to another smartphone. This means that American Hard Bag can make settings for you and text them directly to you instantly. We can help you setup any system free of charge.

 For the Ultimate Guide to Using Your DSR1 Click Here


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