USB Drive Contents

USB Drive

  • Preconfigured DSP files that are setup for specific sound systems
  • PC software for your new DSP amplifier
  • Pink Noise test track
  • Links to installation guides

Step 1

Run Setup_ATF_DSP_PC-TOOL file and install software. Be sure to install all drivers when prompted. 

Step 2

Read through the Helix DSP Quick Start Guide and get to know your way around the software. Tip: you can run the software in demo mode without connecting to the amplifier at all. Just be sure to select the correct amplifier when launching the program. Then you can poke around and get to know the interface without fear of breaking anything. You can even load any of the preconfigured DSP files to see what they look like. 

Step 3

Read through the Helix Amplifier Physical Installation Details article. This will show you how to mount your amplifier in the fairing. 

Step 4

Take a look at the Detailed DSP Software Instructions Step by Step guide. Here you will find a number of articles that explain each individual section of the DSP software in detail. This is the first place to go if you have any specific questions about the software.