Phase One Harley Davidson woofer Mounting Kit for Saddlebags

The following instructions assume that you have purchased the optional router and grill kits for your Phase One woofer kit. If you have opted not to purchase these items some ingenuity will be required on your part and  you will need to improvise in order to complete your installation. 

Tools needed

  • Power drill
  • 1/8", 3/16" drill bits with hex shafts
  • Angle adapter for power drill (available for about $20 at most hardware stores)
  • Trim router
  • Air saw, jig saw, or oscillating multipurpose cutting tool for cutting grill opening
  • Sharpie

Materials needed

  • 2mm thick foam neoprene sheet with self adhesive backing (available at most any arts and crafts store for about a $1 a sheet)
  • Speakers gasket or weather stripping 
  • Bright colored masking tape 


lay the bag on its side and test fit the woofer mount with the woofer on it and all  of the bag hardware on the bag including the lid and latch hardware. Be sure that the woofer mount, woofer, and lids will all clear before drilling any holes in your bag. Also check that other items like amplifiers and lid speakers that you might be using will also not have clearance issues. These woofer mounts have been used in large scale systems with the bags loaded with aftermarket speakers and amplifiers. There should be plenty of room but you should always check first. 

Step 1

Remove lid and all hardware from both saddlebags. Tape the outside of your bags so that they are protected from becoming scratched during the installation process. 

Step 2


Tape the shock hump inside the saddlebag with bright colored masking tape. Use a straight edge to mark the points where the shock hump starts to roll off and the surface is no longer flat with a Sharpie near the top of the shock hump. Do the same near the bottom of the shock hump. Exact position from top to bottom is not critical. 

Use the straight edge to draw a line between each top and bottom mark. These lines mark the usable flat area on the shock hump that the speaker grill opening must be centered on. 

Step 3

Mark the grill opening

Place the woofer mount inside of the saddlebag. The half moon shaped portion on the back of the mount goes towards the rear of the bag. The small part of the grill opening should be at the top and the large part towards the bottom. 

Center the grill opening between the two lines we marked earlier. 

Important! Choose height position for the woofer mount. Typically you want the woofer mount to be located near the bottom of the bag but you must take into account the frame of the woofer that you will be using. If the woofer mount is located too far down inside the bag, the woofer basket might hit the extrusion at the bottom of the bag. Temporarily place your woofer onto the mount and put the entire assembly into the bag before making a final decision on the vertical position of your woofer mounting kit. Mark that position with a Sharpie and remove the woofer. Now mark the inside of the grill opening and also mark 5  points, one in each corner and a 5th one between the two bottom corners. Each point marked should be approximately 1/4" away from the outside edges of the grill opening.  

Use a 3/16 drill on an angle adapter to drill each of the 5 marked points from the inside out. Then from the outside of the bag use a Sharpie to draw straight lines between the 5 holes you just drilled. Use a reciprocating saw to follow the lines and cut center of the grill opening out. This will leave you with a rough cut for the grill opening that is about 1/4" smaller than the final grill opening needs to be. 

Step 4

Place the woofer mount inside the bag

Remove the 1/2 plastic spacer from your woofer mount. Set the spacer and the fasteners aside.  

Use double sided acrylic foam tape to temporarily stick your woofer mount inplace inside the bag. Use the lines you made earlier to precisely locate the mount inside of the bag. Use a 1/8" drill bit to mark each of the 4 fastener holes on the tape under the mount. Spin the drill bit by hand and it will leave marks on the tape.  

Remove the woofer mount and drill the 4 fastener holes that you just marked with a 3/16" drill bit and an angle adapter. 

Step 5

Routing out the grill opening

Now use the supplied 4" long screws that come with the optional router kit to screw your router template to the outside of the bag. Put the woofer mont into the bag and use the 2" long screws to run through the router template, through the bag, and into the woofer mount. The router template serves as a flat surface for your router to rest on and the woofer mount will serve as a guid inside the bag for the router bearing to ride on. 


Before you start to use the trim router be sure to check the tightness of the Allen head .Be sure that the depth of your router is set properly so that the router bearing will have a surface to ride on around the entire  grill opening. Note that the depth is not the same at the bottom of the grill opening as it is on the top. 

Now that the grill hole is nicely trimmed out, apply 1/4" wide double sided acrylic attachment tape around the entire grill opening in the bag. Be sure that there are no open spaces between the sections of tape. Now carefully center the grill in the hole and press into place. Tip: if you insert the four 3/4" mounting screws above and below the grill opening it will help you center the grill and make sure that you do not cover any of these four screw holes with the grill. 

Step 6

Gasket Phase One Harley Woofer Mount

Use neoprene foam sheet or weather stripping that is no thicker than 1/4" tall to cover the surface of the woofer mount that will be touching the inside of the saddlebag. 2mm thick black foam neoprene sheet is available at most any arts and crafts store for about a dollar a sheet. Be sure to gasket around the grill opening on the woofer mount so that the seal against the grill opening in the bag will be airtight. Now put the woofer mount into the bag and fasten down with all four 3/4" long mounting screws. 

Step 7

Two rear fastener points on Phase One Harley woofer mounting kit

Now that the woofer mount is in place it is time to put the last two screws in place. Your kit comes with two 1" long screws that fasten the rear of the mount to the saddlebag. There are no pilot holes for these two fasteners. Use a 1/8" drill bit to drill through the bag from the outside and into the woofer mount. Be sure to find two locations for these fasteners that do not interfere with other screws that are in the woofer mount, including the screws that will be used to fasten the woofer to the mount. 

Tip: do not attempt to screw the two rear fasteners in without first drilling a pilot hole.   

Step 8

Now place  your woofer onto the mount inside the bag and decide how it will be positioned on the woofer mount. It looks a lot nicer if the speaker terminals are located at the bottom or at 90 degrees from the bottom than if the terminals are facing upward. 

Once you have decided how the speaker will be positioned, remove the woofer and the mount from the bag and drill pilot holes for all of the speaker fasteners. Tip: the type of plastic that these mounts are machined from does a really great job of tightly gripping a sheet metal type screw as long as you pre-drill a pilot hole. Not making a pilot hole will simply strip the plastic out as the screw attempts to drive inplace. This will result in very unsatisfactory results.  

That's It!

Finished Phase One Woofer Mount Installation for Harley Davidson Subwoofer

You are all done.