On the included USB thumb drive you will find a folder named "DSP Tune Files". There are two files in this folder to get you started. These files work for both MUSWAY M4+ amplifiers as well as M6 amplifiers.

1. File name: Start Tune.tx . This tune has no equalization settings for the speakers. All safe crossover and signal  input settings have been made for you to get you started. This is a great way to get up and running fast. This setup assumes that you will be running fairing speakers on channels 1 & 2, and lid speakers on channels 2 & 4, with the option of running bag woofers on channels 7 & 8. 

If you are running tour pack speakers in the rear, be sure to set the high pass crossover for those channels to 150hz.

2. File name: M4 OverDrive-M1SRT-Lid.tx . This tune is the same as tune #1 above but with speaker equalization added for Diamond Audio MO75T horn tweeters and MSRO65 mid woofers on channels 1 & 2, and Velocity R690 6x9s and M1SRT horn tweeters on channels 3 & 4. 

If you are using Velocity RZ65H or RZ69H horn loaded coax speakers, use file #1 and then adjust the equalizer.